Evolutionists: How Far Have We Come?

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    this is just used as an tenga egg.



  • cameo-d

    I don't know what a "tenga egg" is....but surely the chimp can tell the difference between a live moving creature and an egg, which does not move?

    Is there some genetic predisposition that makes a primate slave to physical urges which override acknowledgement of and empathy for other living creatures?

    Is this a genetic condition or spiritual condition?

    Now, I know that JWs will say that "animals do not have souls" (repeating rote and never offering proof, because this is a 'belief' and not a 'fect'), however, animals do have consciousness, and cleverness. So it would seem reasonable to conclude that the animal knows it is violating another creature. Do animals not have some of the same 'spiritual imperfections' presented in humans, i.e. the need to dominate others, quest for power, discounting respect for weaker creatures and using them to one's own selfish advantage?

    If man has evolved from apes, have we really come very far? Do we not still see this crude 'animal behavior' within the human species?

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