Rate JW's out of 10 compared to other religions.

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  • Essan

    So most of us here have been JW's or have read enough to have a decent grasp of the religion. While we were there we were told JW's were the happiest, most righteous, best dressed, most polite, helpful people and our religion the purest and most accurate for of Christianity in the world.

    Most here now would say all that probably wasn't entirely true. LOL.

    If you have had exposure to other religions before or since where do you rate JW's overall compared to these religions? If you were to do a top five, or top ten, where would the JW's come (and what are these religions you use as reference)

    I have no experience of other religions, so I can just rate them out of ten based on their own claims.

    Being perfectly honest, I think I'd rate then about a 2/10.

    I score them at all because they do not engage in wars, which, while they infringe on personal choice in this, the motive seems to be good - the sanctity of life. They generally do not seem to contribute much to the crime rate, that's another point. After that I'm struggling to find good points which make a difference when compared to the bad.

    What say you?

  • dgp

    1/10, and that only because some groups are even worse.

  • Hadit

    I would rate them as 0/10 as they are a mind control group using religion as a front. They are not about truth nor are they about God. They are about power and control. That being said the people inside believe they are in a religion serving God so of course there will be some good that comes from the good people within. I'm hoping that they will wake up to being duped.

  • WTWizard

    Happiest? I suppose that's why so many are on antidepressants or go on killing sprees because they snap under stress. Like hitting their children 160 times because of being too slow in finding something. Like killing (and eating) babies. And so on.

    Most righteous? What about intentionally tampering with the Bible to issue death threats to anyone that doesn't join? Or, protecting pedophiles and silencing the victims, sometimes even creating these situations where none exist. Between recruiting from prisons and mental institutions, sexual repression, no opportunity to marry or properly date anyone with honor aside underage people, and even the occasional person trying to make children look more attractive to certain individuals (usually same sex), it's a wonder there aren't even more molested children. And, anyone that cuts off someone from the opposite sex and showcases same-sex children to that person ought to be hanged--if nothing else, for ruining lives.

    Additionally, much of the pedophilia that happens is motivated by the desire to ruin the children's lives. Too many of the hounders and assistant hounders are mean-spirited, power hungry humanoids that live to ruin others' lives, and one way to do that is to molest children. They also make stupid rules (some of which are only in their local congregations). Of course, none of this is ever reported to authorities--and, in cases where they do not succeed in fully ruining lives, there may not even be evidence to support charges of attempted anything.

    I also take issue with "righteous" when you have congregations that do exactly what they are preaching against. They preach against idolatry, and they worship their own leaders. They preach against polluting the earth, yet they generate more pollution per uint of value created than any other group on earth. They preach against Christmas because it's pagan, yet they do other pagan things. They preach against the UN, claiming they are Satan's organization; we all know about their involvement in the UN as recently as 2002. They tell parents not to watch violent movies, yet they make children read even worse violence in the publications. And so on. To me, this is far from being righteous.

    Best dressed? You mean, the most out of date, tacky dressed? I have seen their suits, and looking back from outside I now think their dress is very tacky. If you are going to dress up, at least get some high-quality suits and dresses and use them judiciously. Dressing up all the time in crap suits is very tacky--I would rather dress in "casual business" attire that is appropriate for the conditions they are working in.

    Most polite? I don't think going from door to door disrupting people's lives (and especially when this happens on major holidays or when people are obviously facing a major crisis) is very polite. Nor is hounding anyone that tries to leave because they don't believe the doctrine, they are being mistreated, or simply want time out because it's taking too much out of them.

    Helpful? Only to their own, or those who they wish to make their own.

    Purest? You mean, tampering with the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible that explicitly bans celebrating Jesus' birth, even if you don't know the exact date. Yet, the Washtowel Slaveholdery adds prohibitions where none exist, claiming that anything not expressly permitted in their interpretation of the Bible is forbidden. At the same time, I see nothing in the Bible that expressly permits wearing wedding rings. They do that anyways. There is also nothing in the Bible that requires people to all preach--even Paul explicitly said that only some would be able to do that, and that not all should be teachers. Yet, the Washtowel requires all to preach and teach.

    I would rate the religion at minus.

  • Peaches1978

    I would rate them -2 destructive in family value...

  • blondie

    What religions are you talking about?

  • Essan

    Any you have enough experience of to compare them to Blondie.

    I only have experience of JW's so I rated them 2 out of 10 based on how well they actually lived up to their own boastful claims.

    EDIT TO ADD - I just ran out of my 10 post allowance so can't reply again below Blondie. But if you feel you have enough experience to compare JW's to any another religion, then go for it. If not, just rate them how well you thought they lived up to their own claims such as listed in the OP.

  • blondie

    By experience do you mean being a member, having close family be members, having studied them in a school setting, reading about them on the internet or other media?

  • freydo

    This is interesting but difficult. I've been around a number of religions that I have good memories of, but I never learned anything. On the other hand I was never exposed to high control measures that acted to prevent learning. It was mostly just about doing good, enjoying the music and $$$$. The dubs woke me up to that nonsense of the other denominations, but kept their own nonsense hidden. So in some areas I rate them very high but in others very low - even in minus territory as has been suggested.

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