"THE EVIL SLAVE" exposes the Watchtower....Four Bible Student elders speak up !

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    The largest schism in Watchtower history involved the Bible Students in the 20's and 30's. It was not so much that Bible Students "opposed" the work of the Society, the issue was the Bible Students and the Society were no longer in harmony doctrinally, the 3,000 or so who "dropped" out by 1918, eventually grew in the coming years, by 1930 seventy-five percent of the original Bible Students had abandoned the Society. The Bible Students or "THE EVIL SLAVE" As the Jehovah's Witnesses refer to them as, are now coming back to haunt the Org. Many Witnesses are now researching the early roots of the Bible Students and many are returning to the early teachings of Charles Taze Russell. WHY? Four Bible student elders, including a Bible student historian, will be our guests on the Six Screens of The Watchtower conference call tonight, Saturday July 17,2010. Our guests will tell us how their teachings differ from the Watchtower Society, and wait till you hear about the second president, Joseph Rutherford. Listen in....click link

    http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/conferencecall-7-17-10.html AUDIO RECORDING

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    After I left the Witnesses I atteneded some of the Bible Student conventions in LA, nice people, really into their chronology and of course CTRs interpretations.

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