Can Elders encourage disfellowshiped people?

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  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    Ok I've had three elders from other halls come encourage me to come back ( been disfellowshiped for year and a half now), but none of the elders in my home congregation would even look at me when I vist. I asked my old P.O can he encourage me and he said I won't do that, when three other elders encouraged me to come back.

    My question is was my P.O right are was he just being a jerk.

  • penny2

    Hi Pitchess, welcome to JWn. Your question has been answered in another thread but basically the gist was that no, the elders are officially not supposed to encourage dissed persons but they can pay a yearly visit to explain what the options are for coming back.

    There are plenty of elders who manage to bend the rules and be friendly, so I think your PO is being unnecessarily harsh.

    Hope you are coping OK despite the treatment you are getting.



    When I was a JW, a friend of mine was put on ice but I continued to visit him. The elder squat team told me to stop associating with him.

    I pointed out that they still called on him. They informed me that only the elders were strong enough in the truth to call on the miscreant, without suffering contamination.

    Obviously the elders in your spiritual paradise are not strong enough or you are one very wicked dude. Scary stuff eh!

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