"Poissonous falsehoods" according to 3rd Witness

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    and PAUL BERRY

    I happened to visit the Wilton, New Hampshire, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    To my surprise the place of the famous case of Sara Poisson against her husband Paul Berry for sexual abuse of her girls.

    There are several JWs I met who would swear that he was framed and he was innocent of the charges.

    You can read about the trial at Silent Lambs:


    3rd Witness has, wouldn't you know it, come up with a page saying it was all "Poissonous" lies (note the misspelling of 3rd Witness to poke fun at the mom).


    Had you heard of this case and if you were close or met the family involved back then did you notice anything amiss going on?

    Previous JWD thread from nine years ago that talks about the case:


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    It 3rd Witness is a WTS Apologist and reads JWD/JWN, isn't that not following WT directives about apostate sites?

    Notice the quote from the 3rd Witness website on child abuse and the WT, where he quotes a poster from JWD, Gerard, saying something about one of the sexual abuse cases.


    Gerard, a poster at the site known as JWD, who claims to be a friend and supporter of attorney Kimberlee Norris of Love and Norris, reports that she said she would never settle these cases. Here are his exact words: "... I am extremely disapointed on Kimberly Norris, their attorney. I asked her a couple of years ago in this list and she said she would never settle. I guess everyone has a price...lawyers standing on the sidelines are not an exception. A lawyer needs more abuses in the future to keep settling them out of court. Why kill the hen that lays gold eggs?" Later he reiterated, "For the record: Kim told me she would not settle, so that was disapointing and caused me anger as I felt she lied."

    Assuming that he is not lying (why would he since he is a supporter of Norris against the Watchtower Society) and assuming the cases were settled out of court, then we have to wonder why did she settle out of court when she claimed she never would? Indeed why did all 10 persons involved in the 6 cases choose to settle with a confidentiality agreement or gag order as some call it?

    Usually an ambulance chaser, like Kim Norris, pursues these cases with no money being fronted by the plaintiffs, meaning they volunteer their time, but collect 40% of the resulting judgment or settlement. If they discover their case is weak, they can put a lot of pressure on the plaintiffs to settle, otherwise the plaintiffs would have to pay out of their own pockets to continue pursuing the case. Most cannot afford to do so, so they must accept the advice of their attorney. Hence you have 10 out of 10 settling their cases and not one holding out to prove their case. It is also most revealing that shortly thereafter, three other cases involving six other alleged victims in Texas, Oregon, and San Diego were likewise settled with the same 'gag order' agreement.

    You may have heard that the settlements involved MILLIONS of dollars. Those who make such claims really have no idea of the amount. They are merely guessing and it is a baseless guess. Innocent defendants oftentimes offer settlements to end cases and if we look at history of the Watchtower Society we will see that they almost always do the same. This is no indication of guilt on the part of the defendant.

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    He used to post here. Memorable for his insistance that Tyre was never rebuilt (as per Bible prophecy) at the time when the Israelis were bombing the hell out of Tyre. He insisted it wasn't the same city, so I showed via archaeological maps that the current city is built right on top of the ancient city.

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    I replied to his post, at great length, with no answers to my questions...

    kimberlee d norris

    [email protected]

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    Cattails, you have a tangentially related PM.

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