The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair

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  • Terry

    The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair (performed on the Yamaha ES6 Motif
  • Quentin
  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I really like it

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Today's keyboards are remarkable!

    Excellent, Terry.



  • Terry

    Imagine what a Mozart, Beethoven or Bach could have done themselves without having to rely on the quality of instrument available in their own day or the level of musicianship the local orchestra possessed!

    I bought my first synthesizer circa 1985. I had to have a separate recorder, external pedals and multi-gear plug-ins to do the job.

    Today, a keyboard is a Workstation. It has a buit in computer, recorder, equalizer, compressor, editor, mixing board, and thousands and thousands of sample patches which can be shaped into the timbre of almost any instrument you can imagine.

    I can off load into a little USB thumbdrive and transfer my finished .wav file to my laptop and save it as an .mp3.

    Then, upload it into MYDROPBOX and post the Hyperlink here.

    All you have to do is click and listen.

    What an amazing technological journey from 1985 to 2010!!

  • Terry

    In the United Kingdom there was a famous shampoo commercial for SUNSILK shampoo. John Barry was commissioned to do a 30 second musical background. It was so popular he built a two and a half minute orchestral version out of it.

    I deconstructed it and rearranged it for my Keyboard. That is what this file is:

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