15. How do Jehovah’s Witnesses “suck the milk of nations,”

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  • booby

    double whammy hypocrisy. they can utilize certain available resources of "the nations" including computer related and I love how they use the "suck" word.

    *** w00 1/1 p. 14 par. 15 "The Little One" Has Become "a Thousand" ***
    15 Jehovah further promises: "I will even set you as a thing of pride to time indefinite . . . You will actually suck the milk of nations, and the breast of kings you will suck; and you will be certain to know that I, Jehovah, am your Savior." (Isaiah 60:15, 16) Yes, Jehovah is the Savior of his people. If they rely on him, they will last "to time indefinite." And they will "suck the milk of nations," using certain available resources for the advancement of true worship. For example, wise use of computer and communications technology facilitates the simultaneous publication of The Watchtower in 121 languages and Awake! in 62. A specific computer software program has been designed to help in rendering the New World Translation into new languages, and such translation brings much joy. When the Croatian version of the Christian Greek Scriptures was released in 1999, thousands gave way to tears of joy. One elderly brother said: "I have waited for this Bible for so long. Now I can die in peace!" The circulation of the New World Translation, in whole or in part, has passed 100 million in 34 languages.

  • Titus

    Why they mention Croatian version? Hm?

  • clarity

    Booby, .. yeah that word suck was prophetic big time! This borg will suck the life out of anything it can use .. . and then just throw it (them) away!


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    mention the croation version...

    so that those who have had the NWT for decades will feel renewed love for it?

    after all, now the man could die in peace since this marvelous provision has been made.....

  • Scully

    Sucking the milk of the nations:

    1. exploiting well-intended human rights laws - which apply to individual citizens, not corporations - to gain religious freedom laws on behalf of the corporation, and then turning around and denying basic human rights (freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of conscience) to its followers;
    2. exploiting tax exemptions offered under charitable organization status, while doing absolutely no charitable work to benefit the community at large (soup kitchens, food banks, hospitals, shelters, etc.)
    3. encouraging members in need to seek the services of charitable organizations in the community, rather than assisting members who financially support the congregation / organization

    Those are just a few examples that come to mind.

  • Essan

    New Light! I know the JW fulfillment of the "sucking the milk of the nations" prophesy

    You see, Jehovah has recently told the Governing Body that He's decided no more people have to die refusing blood fractions. So now they can take blood fractions if they want to live. Hooray! However, blood fractions are derived from stored blood and Jehovah has told the Governing Body that it's very, very bad to store blood. We must not store our blood! And we must not give blood!

    However, we may - now - use fractions from OTHER PEOPLES stored blood. We can, "suck the milk of the nations", or like leeches or other parasites we can suck the blood fraction supply from stored worldly blood, but we must not CONTRIBUTE to it ourselves! We can take from them, but must not give back.

    We can be helped but must not help others.

    Thus we "suck the milk of the nations" and are blessed to be able to take, but not give. Praise God!

    Soon, when they're dead, we can have their houses too!

    PS. I'm so glad that - even if they don't contribute - JW's are now able to choose for themselves whether or not they take blood fractions as it means fewer of then have to die for the Governing Body. But of course, the whole blood refusal thing should be scrapped and JW's should contribute to a store from which they take.

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