What the Governing Body really think of themselves

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  • gubberningbody

    The Golden Shill

    I look at myself through eyes not my own

    And see hope within, all colored with gold

    I wonder if I this 'truth' can uphold

    I wonder if I this 'self' should disown

    Or should I withdraw, decline the gold throne

    In striking this glance, these eyes I would scold

    And do the right thing, the 'truth' be untold

    And do the right thing, and gnaw my own bone

    But where would they go, and who would they see

    And not seeing me, what would I be next

    A reed in the wind, a whisper unheard

    To have what it takes, to finally free

    Sheep blinded by words, in pain and perplexed

    I'm only a shill, repeating these words

  • ProdigalSon

    Since the Watchtower is run from the outside by Illuminati Satanists, the GB are just frontmen. They certainly know it, because they are told what to do and cannot act on their own, just like the dubs. It's a pyramid, like anything else Masonic.


  • freydo

    Did Ray Franz ever suggest anything like that?

  • Leprechaun

    Like I said in a earlier thread: Jehovah continues to shed new light upon me! The first new light was that the Watchtower Society is full of bullshit, and the governing body is nothing more than a manipulative bunch of SOB’s and demigods.

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