The Ballad of Steven Slater

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  • BurnTheShips

    Probably everyone has heard of flight attendant Steven Slater, by now.

    But in case you haven't:

    He has now been made immortal through song by a nascent Dylan of our times.

    I am sure we can all identify with the theme.

    there comes a point in every man's life
    when he's just had enough
    we do our best to be polite
    to keep it bottled up

    but the stage is set for the rage to get out of control
    the hate debris and the indignities burn in the soul
    pile up and take their fucking toll

    F--- you! F--- all of you!
    I'm f------ through with this!
    I'VE HAD IT!
    I've been doing this
    for 28 f------ years
    and I can't take it anymore.
    And for the f----- a-----who told me to f--- off:
    f--- you! That's it! I'm done!
    F--- you all

    steven slater jetblue 1052
    pittsburgh to JFK
    some asshole told him to fuck off
    and that just made his day

    he commandeered and grabbed a beer and spoke his mind
    he flipped the latch and out the hatch and down the slide
    and he drove home to sleep by his boyfriends side

    for 28 years steven slater did his job
    would you like a drink, tray tables up, please prepare for take off
    everyday in a million ways he was subjected to the worst
    kind of impotent rage like a bubble about to burst
    the executives with their bottom line, how they screw screw screw
    and the bureaucrats that've got us all taking off our shoes
    they're safe somewhere out of the glare of the pissed of huddled mass
    that steven slater faced everyday taking it all up the ass

    steve slater i wrote this song for you
    because you said what we've been dying to say
    i'm sick of feeling powerless
    to affect any kind of meaningful change

    if you inspire other tired folks to stand strong
    your small act will attract an albums worth of songs
    i'll sing your words and i hope you sing along


  • BurnTheShips
  • leavingwt

    Pretty funny and enough to make Mel Gibson jealous, perhaps.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Oh the times I wanted to go Steven Slater

  • purplesofa

    I like Jimmy Fallons

    Take two beers and jump!!!!!

    yeah steven slater

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