did Jehovah cause the ultimate ruination of the earth?

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  • booby

    Could it be said that Jehovah is the real culprit in bringing the earth to ruin? If we believe the narrative of the bible, Jehovah took the earth from what one would have to assume was an uninhabitable sphere from his universe and made it habitable complete with a perfect garden that had the potential of being spread earth wide. With its water canopy intact along with the other provisions or cycles would allow for this to continue in its idyllic state forever. But then not to much later he becomes pissed off with the shenanigans of his other perfect creation, man. Yes I am aware of the intervention of one of his other perfect creations, one of his spirit sons ruining his human creation by causing them to sin. You know eating the apple (oops, whatever the fruit was) thingy. Anyways, he gets pissed and destroys the water canopy so as to make it rain long enough and hard enough so as to cause a flood of water that allows him to kill, by drowning, all those that pissed him off, right down to those little babies that would't shut up with their cryin and stuff.

    So my question is, was this devastation caused by his impetuous act of vengeance what actually ruined the earth. At least according to jw's it was the weight of the water that caused the earths crust to heave and cause the deep valleys and tall mountains to be formed. I could go on with many aspects of this devastating decision, but will stop with the question: did Jehovah cause the ruination of the earth?

  • ProdigalSon

    "Jehovah" was the Hebrew version of the Pagan Creator gods of mythical lore, and was the equivalant of Satan, who is nothing more than the negative half of duality. The Spirit of God must "die" in order to descend into matter, and this is the true meaning of the "death" that resulted from eating of the forbidden tree. It was part of the plan and necessary for dense matter to come into being. So when the New Testament says that Satan is the god of this world it isn't kidding. In order for a world to have free will it must have an adversary, and the adversary has to be defeated in order to be reunited with the spirit realm. This is the meaning of being "born again", the dense physical must "die" in order to ascend back to the higher dimensions.

    The second chapter of Genesis was written centuries before the first by the Jahwist, who was quite honest in his approach, while the Elohist wrote the first chapter and introduced the deception of literalization while also editing the Jahwist chapter. The process of explaining how evil came into being is not an easy one. The Jahwist was honest in telling us that the world was not created perfect by a perfect God, but that it was created through violence and that it was not perfect but the ultimate plan was to to put man here to subdue it and perfect it. The Elohist was of the priesthood who needed to make man guilty for the imperfections of Creation and therefore needing a savior. The truth is that the first six days of Creation are speaking about Involution, which is the ideation process that took place in the mind of the Creator. The seventh day is when physical matter appeared and the process of Evolution began.

    All the subsequent stories in the Bible are continuations or expansions of this metaphor. Ever notice how every time there needs to be a child born, the woman is barren and requires some sort of miracle to give birth?

    It's not possible to fully explain all this in a few sentences, so I suggest a book called "Myths and Deceptions of the Bible" by Lloyd M. Graham. It is the most liberating book for anyone who has ever been captive to the Bible's priesthood-inspired suppression psychology.


  • booby

    Not sure if I will get to read that book. Don't read as much as I think/wish/feel I should. BUT I read your post with interest. Another BUT I was not trying to get that indepth with my question. It was more of one of those brainfarts where I was thinking - hey wait a minute here. Man is being labelled biblically and for sure by the witlesses as the ruiners of the earth, but what about the creators (whomever one assumes him to be) own actions.

  • PSacramento

    Who is this "Jehovah" of which you speak?

  • booby

    He is the one who the wise ones who are leaders who many on this site used to follow say is the creator of all things. They insist it is the name of the Genesis creator and the same one that I wonder is then also the destroyer of all those good things he created. My tongue is in my cheek as I am assuming yours is as well.

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