Beaconing and Sheltering away from WT (Action Plan 1)

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  • ruruj

    From "Reform or dissolve Watchtower and questions?" post I learnt that most in JWN overwhelmingly disfavor reformation.

    Okay, let's talk something we could agree on.

    We are against the system. We cannot easily defeat WT. But it is possible, because it has been responding to your movements. It jerked to your pinch in the past years.

    There is a phrase I may reveal later which WT would fear to face.

    It has been trying to counteract your movements with fresh teachings. False prophecies have been changed and there is no more fixed end date, just saying Armageddon is around the corner.

    They are trying to keep their members busy in God's work and persuading (more like pressuring) them to vounteer their huge amounts of time, money and resources to kingdom preaching work.

    Most families who could afford college are definitely pressured to have their young adults to preach and take the least the world and life has to offer.

    In this protracted spiritual warfare, many young JW families and youths are adversely affected.

    Simple cause and effect analysis by categorization of WT systemic issue:

    Intermediate effect
    - scriptural authority and deeper interpretation has been unreasonable & unreal; it lacks real sense.
    - ineptness to handle the situation due to alpha elders/pioneers effect ... elder victims are too meek to have the right convictions.
    - allowing meddlers who abuse and/or misuse their authority and privilege, and not calling them into account for ethics violations.
    - mind control techniques systematically used hiding behind scriptural principles.
    - allowing bad gossiping even during field service or meeting.
    - whistle-blowers and complainers are hushed and/or treated badly.

    End effect ... casualty:
    - victims deserving justice under civil statutes and matters of life & death vs. scriptural interpretation
    - divided and/or broken family/marriage
    - mentally ill or disturbed members
    - members inadvertently induced to immorality, crime, rebellion and self-destruction to escape the over righteous/immaculate environment
    - economically, intelectually, materially, culturally, emotionally deprived members

    Therefore, summarizing what I learnt so far, here's the strategy:

    1. Identify the problems, categorize and determine any pattern. Is WT really the root cause? Was WT a major factor? (of course, assuming you're not so stupid :)
    2. Share experience effectively and be resource or witness. Truth is powerful. Educate so others may learn and understand the victims and avoid being victimized.
    3. Improve, do better, be better. Network effectively, use social networking like MySpace and/or Facebook to share your experiences and warnings about WT. JW zealots are using these.

    One member suggested that we unite to form association(s) to shelter, to help each other and victims of WT.

    We should also beacon those who are still attached to WT, but keep their choices open for various reasons.

    You are probably already doing the things mentioned above. However be aware of new things also mentioned.

    We need cohesion (not necessarily teamwork), and conservation of efforts. This means using improved tools, technology and strategy.

    What are your ideas/thoughts/suggestions for this topic???

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    As a responsible citizen of planet earth I am basically following your same strategy. Good job, putting this together, and thank you for encouraging others to act responsibly.

    Since I am aware of a damaging influence in our society, it would be irresponsible for me to turn a blind eye.

    I can't make it my life pursuit, but it takes priority among my charitable works. It does so because I realize that most citizens do not have the knowledge regarding the WT movement that I possess based on my experiences, therefore more onus is placed on me to do something about it - to warn others and to help other innocents escape.

    Cohesion is good. Sharing techniques that work is good.

    As you alluded to, thankfully the INTERNET provides forums like this, youtube and other social media that allows us to reach out to others much more easily and sometimes more effectively than other methods of the past. For example, in the past you would need to either write a book, or try and get on a radio program, physically picket, or go door to door. The INTERNET provides a cheap and inexpensive way to get the word out.

    However, one method that I believe should be used more often, is mailing letters. Postage is cheap, and it may be more effective than the INTERNET for some. It can also be done anonymously if that is your preference.

    The Oracle

  • DaCheech

    good luck

  • leavingwt

    ruruj -- Have you read either of Steve Hassan's books? (If you've already answered this question, please forgive me. It's important for me to understand exactly where you are in your view of WT.)

  • onemore


    Some JW are happy where they are, many are not. Some would want to keep their faith in God and Christ, others might not. As far as morality is concern, some will keep those standards, others might just be glad to break free from the restraints. But in all, JWs come in all sizes and shapes. But there is one thing, one thing only that they all need to know. That the WT is not, never was, will never be, the so called God’s organization here on earth.

    The having that knowledge could be liberating to some, but to others it might be a blow to their sense of self worth, security and world view. It’s a very delicate situation, one that needs to be approached with a great sense of sensibility and responsibility.

    Also, many of those that left and some of us that are in the path of leaving the org, (really) don’t want to deal with WT stuff anymore. It’s a waste of energy, resources and time. We wasted too much of that already working forthe org, wasting more of it fighting against the org is equally counter-productive.

    I felt like fighting the WT at first (and still feel like it sometimes), but I now have no desire not fight the monster. Life’s too short to spend it that way. However, I will support any organized outreach campaign to exJW or disillusioned JWs, just to help them at a personal level…

    I don’t know at what point of your path to discovery you are on, but the more you focus your strength in the improvement of yourself (spiritually, physically, emotionally, academically, etc) the less and less relevant fighting the watchtower society becomes to you.

    A healthy way to help is to make your own blog/page, write spiritually and psycologocally uplifting material, make your own youtube channel and post videos explaining that the WT is not Jah’s organization. The more the people making this type of material, the easier it becomes for others to learn the real truth about the organization. I have my own, it’s the best I can do for now.

    my 2 centabos,


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