Couples baptism

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    Don't give up, that is what seeking baptism of the Holy Spirit is all about. We all could use some inner cleansing and dedicate this searching to come to an end with a renewal if necessary of baptism from the Holy Ghost. You know the human touch is the best rule of thumb when we are literaly paralzyed with fears of nothing at all. So I trust the Lord will lead and guide you to this decision making moment again and to face it with clearer convictions and maybe with a spouse to wade through the waters of the Shepard of psalms 23 who will teach you the neat ideas as you fall in love with trusting a companion again and realize it goes through many stop n go's. Practice basic math and playing solitaire online cards by yourself and see if those days of doubt wont flee from you and being alone at times wont feel as paranoid and confusing. You will realize the voice of the Shephard in ps 23 more dearly my friend. God bless and when in doubt of the answers or how to pray....see a doctor and pour out your heart, many counselors afford medical and are kind to hear you woes of trials. Good luck You sound like a person who is honest, sighs alot and speaks his mind, definately someone I would pick as first string like say on a soccer team, or football team. A network can spot a great athelete and sportsman who sure likes to open up the icebreaker with a few words. Thanks so much. have a great week, by week. ok.

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    just n from bethel

    hey when did the insane asylum get internet access?

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    Let me introduce you to a new key on your keyboard . It's down on the bottom right, two to the right of the letter m . It's called a period .

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    Probably meant a response to another thread but accidently clicked the 'new topic' button

    Either way.....

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