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  • diamondiiz

    With the accident at the KH build in Victoria I thought of the insurance they had. I'm guessing it was WTS insurance - kingdom hall fund possibly. Either way, since they do have this insurance division, I was just wondering if it is in name only and run through wts bethal offices or is it a seperate branch and completely seperate corporation. If it's seperate entity, do they pay taxes on it or is it tax free? And if it's not seperate entity but run out of their bethals shouldn't they pay taxes on this and if not how can they be a charitable organization while at the same time running an insurance business?

    I don't know too much about this arrangement so anyone adding info to this would be great. All I know is that KHF recieves money from monthly congregation contributions and they cover khs but also money was used to pay out victims of elder abuse or other things that needed to be handled quietly.

  • Hadit

    The insurance thing is a big question! When we had our kingdom hall build a few years back one of the elders had a very bad accident and after all the talk about insurance - it turns out NOBODY was covered. There was NO insurance. Bethel got involved and said "they take care of their own". The elders said they would have to take a vote from the hall to see if any funds could be released. All in all - they got no help and have sold their house. He is permanently damaged. Screwed over. There was NO insurance. They were certainly NOT all trained and cerfitied on our site either. It's very sad that people are getting hurt.

    So . . . I don't know if they actually do have insurance or not.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    what happened in Victoria?

    The Oracle

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Description: VICTORIA - A crane operator is in the hospital in Victoria tonight,
    alive but badly injured after an accident on a construction

    He was impaled on a piece of rebar.

    It started with a
    frightening fall when his crane tipped over.

    He spent a tense and
    dangerous afternoon trapped waiting for rescue.

    For nearly three
    hours, Victoria fire crews worked feverishly to get him to safety,
    finally cutting him free with the steel rod still in him.

    happened just after 1 pm. The Victoria Fire Department was on site
    within minutes.

    But the job was daunting. How do you extricate
    someone whos been impaled on rods of steel -- stuck in the cage of a
    massive piece of heavy equipment -- which is now laying on its side
    in a gaping hole? Very carefully.

    The injured crane operator man
    is licensed and certified.

    He was volunteering his time in the
    construction of a new Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall.

    Worksafe BC
    and the Victoria Police Department are investigating.

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