Does immune system rule out adam?

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  • chukky 594
    chukky 594


    I was thinking the other day about our complicated immune systems. If Gods plan was for Adam to live on earth forever, and never die, then why was he given an immune system. He obviously was (if he existed), because we have inherited it. How would JWs respond to that?


  • ProdigalSon

    I dunno, but he messes it all up for everybody and lives 930 years. We did nothing wrong and if we're lucky we get to live 70 or 80. What a god.

  • designs

    The divine Fire-Wall catching viruses.....

  • DaCheech

    i saw a show on the nature channel, where the tazmanian devil a dying very fast from a transmittable cancer (the only one of its kind).

    seems like 3/4 of the tazmanian devils affected were from the same inbred parents.

    since the cancer was a mutated form of their own genes, their body's immune system was not fighting it. scientist had to use devils from the other side of the island to start vaccines (this cancer became like a virus).

    if adam and eve were inbreeding and god made them with an immune system............... then guess what could of happened to their inbred children?

  • cameo-d

    Hello and WELCOME, Chukky!

    Curious thing about the immune system. Animals are able to manufacture natural vitamin C in their bodies but humans cannot. However, at one time humans DID naturally create vitamin C in their bodies. I wonder what changed that? Could that be one reason we became defective?

  • notverylikely

    What do you mean, "became defective"? We have immune systems that have been developed over time as a response to threats. I wonder if the JW's beleive that Adam was created with bacteria in his stomach to help him digest food.

  • cameo-d

    "became defective." Ok, became more defective. That comment was in relation to the fact that our bodies stopped manufacturing vitamin C and now we have to rely on outside sources for it. Vit C is a great immune booster.

  • notverylikely

    Defective is a relative term. Can you tell me exactly what you mean? We evolve (or adapt, if you prefer that word) to environmental pressures all the time. Vitamin C, more that boosting our immune system, is key to our very survival. Without it we would develop scurvy and pretty much fall apart. Most animals, but no higher order or primates and self produce vitamin C.

  • cameo-d

    That's what I said.

  • notverylikely

    no, it's not, but that's ok.

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