Practical proof that the WT publications are a higher authority for JWs than the bible itself.

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  • Chalam

    Hi JWners,

    Ever noticed how you can ask a JW a biblical question and they immediately are reaching for the WT CD?!

    Sure, they claim the bible is their "highest authority" but in practice the WT publications are the highest authority for the JW.

    The habit doesn't die immediately one leaves the WT fold either.

    Even worse, questions are geared around the WT mothership! "What does the WT say regarding...?"

    Really, the WT is higher than the WT god "jehovah"!

    For example, no-one asks "What does "jehovah" think about...?"



  • leavingwt

    Stephen -- JWs live in fear of expressing an opinion/idea that conflicts with the printed page of the WT. For, if other JWs hear this, they will be perceived as engaging in "Independent Thinking" or be accused of spreading "apostate" ideas. They have no choice but to consult the WT and then respond to you.

    PS: One exception, more recently, on this forum, is the member "Sola Scriptura". IMHO, he is superior to the organization that he expresses loyalty to. They don't deserve to have him. Moreover, they would chastise him if they knew his thinking was not 100% inline with their own. I applaud his willingness to think for himself and his affinity for civil discussion on WT-related topics.

  • Chalam

    Thanks for the post LWT, good to see you as ever :)

    Understood, dissent is quickly met with the strongest discipline from the nazi mothership :(

    I am sure that every JW has at one time or other questions that they allow to be suppressed else pangs of conscience they ignore.

    "What's in a name?" It never ceases to amaze me how often the username tells a story. Sola Scripture surely has their heart in the right place ;)



  • notverylikely

    Understood, descent is quickly met with the strongest discipline from the nazi mothership :(

    Or, you know, dissent.

  • pirata

    Most JWs are trained to believe that only the GB has the ability to accurately interpret the scripture and that God uses them for this purpose. Thus, in JW logic land, only by following the understanding of the GB are they getting the true meaning of the scripture. That's how the GB can get away with statements such as by following the GB we are in fact following the Christ.

  • brotherdan

    I'd like to share this quote from a statement both Franz and Knorr made to the supreme court about the origin of the WT and Awake.

    1. "LAWYER: At any rate, Jehovah God is now the editor of the paper, is that right? F.FRANZ: He is today the editor of the paper. LAWYER: How long has he been editor of the paper? F.FRANZ: Since its inception he has been guiding it. LAWYER: Even before 1931? F.FRANZ: Yes, sir. .. LAWYER: But you don't make any mention in the fore part of your Watch Tower that 'We are not infallible and subject to correction and may make mistakes'? N.H.KNORR: We have never claimed infallibility. LAWYER: But you don't make any such statement, that you are subject to correction, in your Watch Tower papers do you? N.H.KNORR: Not that I recall. LAWYER: In fact, it is set forth directly as God's Word, isn't it? N.H.KNORR: Yes, as His Word. LAWYER: Without any qualification whatsoever? N.H.KNORR: That is right." {Action for Libel: Olin R. Moyle v. F.W.Franz, et al, May 10 - May 27 1943, New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, sections 2596-7, 4420-1}

  • Chalam

    pirata Understood, descent is quickly met with the strongest discipline from the nazi mothership :(

    Looks like a misquote!

    Or maybe I corrected my poor grammar in the allotted 30 mins ;)

    Thanks for pointing it out :)



  • Chalam

    Good to see you brotherdan :)

    Plenty of "idle words" that will have to be accounted for there, under oath too :(

    Incredible how they contradict themselves, almost in the same breath.



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