Counseling/ Exit-counseling in Los Angeles area by Rachel Bernstein

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    I thought some of you in the Los Angeles area might want some post-exit counseling from a long-time professional who works in the LA/San Fernando Valley area. I highly recommend her. Rachel has worked with many different cult victims and families.


    Rachel Bernstein, LMFT, MSEd

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    16255 Ventura Blvd, Suite 806

    Encino, CA 91436


    [email protected]

    In the Fall, I will be starting my next Former Cult-Member Support Group. This group is for those who have been in a cult, or cult-like group. Family and friends of those in cults are welcome, as well.

    I am a therapist who has worked for the last 20 years with people affected by cults, both in Los Angeles and in New York. I have helped those who have left a wide variety of cultic situations. This support group is intended to:

    H elp you develop a greater understanding of manipulation, control, undue influence, and fear-inducement,

    H elp you address, in a safe environment, the confusion, hurt, loss, sadness, anger, or worry you may be feeling because of your experiences,

    H elp you connect with others who understand.

    The Details:

    The group will be 90 minutes long, and the cost for each session is just $40.

    It will meet on Wednesday evenings, once a month, from 7:00~8:30. We can also decide as a group if the number of meetings should increase from once to twice per month. If many people have conflicts on Wednesday nights, then the group can meet on Saturdays instead.

    The first group is scheduled for Wednesday evening, September 29 th .

    Please let me know if you will be attending.

    Feel free to pass my phone/email along to others who you feel would benefit from this resource, and I'll be happy to speak with them about it.

    Take care ~

    Rachel Bernstein MFT#28267

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