Famine 1975! - or Famine 2050?

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  • TheOldHippie

    I remember the quotes from the "Famine – 1975!" book in the Truth book from 68, and the impression of that period, that a major breakdown in the world’s ability to feed the billions would or could happen because of nature catastrophes, water shortage etc. etc.

    When I read articles today, not sensational articles but summaries of scientific reports on the greenhouse effect, climate change, disappearance of species and their importance for the food chain etc. – I get the feeling that in the middle of this century, the catastrophe warnings of the 60s and 70s might come true by then, that catastrophe might then happen. It makes me worried.

    Now my question is, if I am the only one here to feel really worried, or are more like me? I feel there are two possibilities, apart from the whole system shutting down: Either we somehow manage to survive through the nature destruction which is happening, but the world will no longer as we know it, but will be a very different place, more like the desert scenes from Mad Max or something like that. Or, if we include God, the intervention thought to happen in the mid-70s will take place in a decade or two, because we would then be on the brink of destroying the Earth.

    Or do you believe in a third option, that man will somehow take to his senses and change his way of living, and at the same time some smart guy will come up with a solution to most of the climate change problems.

    I sense the latter option unlikely for two reasons. First, man will only change his ways, when he sees his life severely threatened. And because of the nature of the climate change and other mechanisms, that they are long and slow in effect, it will then be too late to change. Secondly, there are hundreds of millions Chinese, Indians, Brazilians and others who have lived for so long in poverty that they will not change, when they see that they finally are on their way out of that poverty and into some small wealth and prosperity and consumer society.

    I am pessimistic, to put it short, feeling the long expected catastrophe is slowly coming. Slow train coming.

  • ProdigalSon

    When we get rid of the dark cabal running the central banks that has been dominating the earth through suppression of knowledge for more than 6,000 years, we'll see the end of every problem plaguing mankind, including death. We already have everything we need for "everlasting life on paradise earth". The Watchtower is one of the main headquarters of that dark cabal. The Zionist Illuminati wrote most of the Bible, re-established Israel, and funded Chuckie Russell. 2012 is the beginning of the end for them, so hang tight Old Hippie!

    Prodigal Son

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