Freeedom is my religion

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    If Pat weren't so shy, maybe he could get his point across.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    First, if you do a sacreligious movie about Christ, Christians will boycott you. If you do a movie raising doubt about the Jewish Holocaust, you can have people demonstrating against it, and you might be prosecuted in some nations. And you can demonstrate outside the LDS temple in Salt Lake City during their conferences and you'll be ignored or engaged in debate. But if you do a movie about Muhammed, you can expect death threats and bombs going off on the set!

    Many atheists and "progressives" are cowards. They don't take on Muslims because they don't want to get hurt. And they also want to demonstrate tolerance to a ridiculous degree. On the other hand, Muslims are pathological in many cases. Yes, they revere Jesus and Moses as prophets, but you'll not see them making a fuss if Jesus or Moses are insulted. You can show representational images of every prophet from Adam on down, but show a representational depiction of Muhammed (even favorable) and watch out for the bullets!

    There's the story of a Muslim heart patient who's given nitroglycerin. He tells the doctor, "How do I set it off ?"

    But most atheists and liberals who would yuk it up over a Christian joke would be highly offended.

    And things appear to be getting worse. For example, I can't envision anyone even considering letting a mosque being built close to "Ground Zero" in New York.

  • WTWizard

    And what about Devil worshipers? How many times do you see Devil worshipers going to war trying to get nations involved in Devil worship? You don't. And especially those who worship the Devil by assuming God is inherently infinitely corrupt, and Satan the one trying to liberate mankind (and Jesus doing the work of Satan, dying trying to set us free from God's Tyranny and Corruption. Do you see people of that belief trying to blow up buildings or thumping that message worldwide using missionaries?

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