1947 The joy of all the nations, booklet, searchable pdf

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    Here is the joy of all the nations by Nathan Homer Knorr about how bad "christendom" is and how demons influence this world and how finaly they will be take away and paradise will be restored by Jesus


    The file is searchable so you can search inside it and you can copy and paste text from inside the pdf by selecting the text part you need, this can be done while viewing the scanned page.

    It is also bookmarked on the internet archive other file types like epub and djvu will appear the text of these files are done by the archive. The text of the pdf itself behind the scan is not done by them and has been checked.

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    Thanx a lot, bereanbiblestudent!
    I'm collecting old WT publications and was very pleasured to see here a lot old pub, which I've never seen before in the Internet!
    Unfortunately, I couldn't download some very interesting items. I think, links are broken because they are quite old. Can you reupload, please, such pubs one more time, dear bereanbiblestudent:
    1950's Watchtower catalog,
    1953 Convention tract Yankee stadium,
    London tabernacle schedule leaflet Nov 1921 till Feb 1922,
    Bible Student Monthly Volume 7 No. 7,
    index and errata to the reprints 1879-1919.
    Thanks beforehand!

    When I'll return home (from a trip), I'll try to post some pubs, which I've scaned by myself

  • bereanbiblestudent

    Sure I will reupload them, it might take a view more days since I am busy right now. But I will do that.

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