Watchtower making CDs of each Magazine Issue? What's with This?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Wifey comes home with CDs of Watchtower and CD issues; what, don't they expect JWs to read hard copy anymore?

  • rnicole76

    You are talking about watchtower library cd. We still read hard copies of today watchtower and awake articles. she got a cd of old publications because it is just easier instead of keeping all these books.

  • Mythbuster

    I think OP means the audio version of the current magazines.

  • Soldier77

    Yeah, those are the audio versions of the mags. They are promoted for using while you are commuting to work so you can listen to something "upbuilding and faith-strengthening."

  • booby

    Yup! Stay off the cell phone so that you can become engrossed in listening to a deep tower article.

  • andy5421

    yeah they have been doing this for years

  • andy5421

    used to have cassetts of magazines

  • blondie

    They do have MP3s of the magazines....sound not hard copy.

    There are PDFs of the magazines at

  • pirata

    They still give audio CDs, but strongly encouarge JWs to download the MP3s instead because it's less cost. Also better for the environment not ordering a truckload of CDs that you only listen to once.

  • seenitall

    They have had CDs of the mags for years. Now, you can download the rags at and starting 9-01-10 you can download pdfs of the wt & g - they will up for 6 months. Look for the day when KMs, books and all will be downloadable. Printing costs and shipping costs are too high. Already they will are starting the new arrangement for rags to be shipped out to the assembly halls once printing starts in Canada - too expensive to send out USPS from Toronto. The insiders edge continues!

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