A Godly Woman Dissuades a Thief, etc.

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  • metatron
  • metatron

    This is what happens when your hand hits the wrong button and the right hand edit thingee doesn't work.

    Anyhow, see


    My point is , we see the same story replicated: Somebody dissuades a criminal by advising them about Jehovah (or Jesus or maybe Allah)

    It ain't all that miraculous. Sorry. I doubt this ploy worked in ancient times by talking about Zeus. He was very naughty and the robber-type would have thought it funny.


  • brizzzy

    Ugh, I saw that today, and thought, "just wait, the JWs are gonna co-opt that one. They'll be reciting the article verbatim from the platform, but they'll just change "Christian" to "JW" and "Jesus" to "Jehovah".

    I never got those people, btw. When somebody is pointing a gun at you and wants to rob you, you do whatever the fuck they want so as not to get shot. I don't think this woman was particularly noble; I think she was an idiot for potentially putting herself at more risk. That man was far more liable to shoot her in the head than go, "oh hey, you know what, I'm a Christian too!" God didn't protect her; she got damn lucky.

    Also, probably not the brightest idea to tell a criminal that the money they steal will come out of your paycheck. A) They almost certainly will not care - this guy was an exception; B) They almost certainly will know it's not true. It's illegal for your employer to dock your pay because your cash register was robbed at gunpoint. Come on. For feck's sake.

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