An Old Welcome Letter To Pioneers

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  • Bangalore
  • James_Slash

    I just find it amazing how people fall for this.

    They cleverly word things to make it look like you are doing it for Jehovah, no-one else. Not even yourself.

    It also warns about your conduct - how it reflects on others. It is of no surprise that many Pioneers I knew lose their personality and become almost robot-like with their thinking for fear of losing the title of pioneer.

  • alanv

    When I was a pioneer the hour requirement was 1200 hours a year. And yes you spend so much time going through all the motions of the religion that you totally loose your own identity. Everything revolves round the organisation

  • hoser

    Ahh the memories!

  • Soldier77

    You just reminded me of mine. I still have it with my Shining As Illuminators book from prioneer school.

  • moshe

    A pioneer explores new territory- see new places- has an adventure. A JW pioneer does none of that.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    1000 hours a month?

    It neatly lines up with the decimal number system.

    For all they know, Jehober may prefer the binary system and the requirement could be 1024 hours (2 10 )...

    What a total load of crap. Sales quotas disguised as some noble cause.

    Caveat emptor.


  • Bangalore



  • ex360shipper

    I think I have my old pioneer card somewhere. I gotta look for that.

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