do they now they have to collest their magazines from Assembly Halls?

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  • alanv

    Hi everyone I regularly go onto the Topix website and on one thread this was said earlier today.

    Found on Facebook this morning:

    "At our service meeting it was announced that there is a change in the manner in which magazines are now to be delivered to the congregations.

    Up until now, magazines were sent to each Kingdom Hall via UPS. In years past magazines were sent t...o each congregation PO's home address via UPS.

    Going forward, magazines will be sent only as far as the Assembly Hall. It is the responsibility of each Kingdom Hall to send brother(s) twice a month to drive out there, pick up the magazines, and return.

    This of course saves a little bit of money for the Society - shipping larger packages to fewer addresses will cost less.

    However, what about the
    expenseto the local congregations?

    A typical Assembly Hall probably has 20-25 circuits assigned to it. Each of those circuits has 20-25 congregations.

    That's 400-600 congregations, maybe 200 or 250 Kingdom Halls shared among them. Each of those Kingdom Halls now has to send, twice a month, a van or truck to the assembly hall to pick up the magazines.

    Our Kingdom Hall is only about 40 or so miles from the Assembly Hall - but what about congregations out in the sticks? Maybe they are 150, 200, 300 miles away from their assembly hall. Think of the expense - the
    gasolinealone could run into the hundreds of dollars per month. Multiply that by the hundreds of Kingdom Halls assigned to each assembly hall, then think of the dozens of assembly halls in use in the USA.

    As usual, the Society acts to save itself a little money, and in the process, sneeringly gives the finger to the congregations that support it."

    Does anyone know if this is truly happening now and is it worldwide.

    If it is true, it is yet another indicator of how the society are desperately trying to save money at the congregations expense

  • yknot
  • TheOldHippie

    It is not worldwide, and neither is the arrangement of "grab'em while they're there". In Europe, there have been no change in neither of these arrangements.

  • alanv

    Sorry folks I must have missed the original thread, but wow 2700 views on this item in less than 24 hours. JWnet is alive and well

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl


    In the US (Michigan anyway), when my ex-husband was a ministerial servant he and I would drive up to the assembly hall to collect the boxes of magazines from a garage behind the assembly hall- we did that for years & I don't know how long before that the brothers had been doing it that way....Yes, it was a gas expense..& a big time waster (an hour drive each way for us). We would use the occasion to go out to eat and try to make a date of it sometimes. But that was 5 years much has changed for me since then & I've been out for about a year now...


  • moshe

    Literature is a money loser for the WT- so you make it very inconvenient for the brothers to get the magazines, they order less and then Jehoobah tells everyone- "hey, we have a solution to all those miles you drive- we'll just have everyone print out the WT study articles at home. Wow, the Org sure knows how to take care of the brothers. They might skip the monthly public edition and go to a quarterly edition for the publishers to place in the FS.

  • freydo

    I don't think there's anything new about this. We always had brothers going to the assembly hall for literature. That was 5-10 years ago. UPS never delivered anything to the hall.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    If you were in a relationship with someone showing these signs of not having a good grasp on financial things would you stay???

    Can you pick up my mail for me it's 45 miles away? Can you not use any toilet paper and let your hands air dry? Can WE USE your CAR?? Is this all you can give me this week???

    SEE YA I ain't staying

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