Which do you like better, Bob Barker or Drew Carey?

by asilentone 4 Replies latest social entertainment

  • asilentone

    For hosting The Price is Right game TV show. I like Bob Barker better. I think Donnie Osmond should have been the next Host. I do not like Drew Carey for hosting the game show, but I like the Drew Carey Show better.

  • asilentone

    One sister in my old congregation was contestant on the show, she managed to meet Bob Barker at the Stage, she won something, I do not remember what she won, but she did not win the final game of the show.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I can't figure out why I don't like Drew hosting. I miss Bob.

  • asilentone

    me too, we have to clone him!

  • kurtbethel

    One thing about old Bob, when he was in the midst of his <cough> legal troubles, you would look at his 70 year old mug and think DAMN! Drew, seems to be a nice enough lad, but it is hard to visualize him having such problems as Bob got himself into.

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