Children in Cults

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I hope Randy and Lady Lee don't mind me posting this again but it is very interesting and worth watching. The Youtube video entitled "Egomania" gave some good insights into what makes these monsters that start cults tick. I found the part on David Berg very interesting because I came in contact with him in Huntington Beach in the late 60's and fortunately didn't get sucked into his Children of God Cult. At that time I believe he was still part of Teen Challange and didn't have the women in the cult going out and sleeping with men to suck them in but he was teaching that California was going to fall in the ocean and I think that was why they left and move to Arizona. I also heard that HB was trying running him out of town. Once he left HB his cult got crazier and crazier. After watching the video I'm convinced that it was never about religion for him it was just the tool he used because religion lends itself well to this sort of narcissitic monster.

    On Youtube there is a very interesting 7 part documentary by Noah Thompson who was born into the Children of God cult and left it when he grew up. On it you learn that because of the abuse a lot of these kids suffered (mental, physical and sexual) as children they commited suicide. There is one very eerie home video done by Ricky Rodriguez. In the video he show talks about how much he hates his mother. He has a cattle prod, a gun, and a knife he plans to use on her. He talks about shooting himself when he is done with the killing. He speaks about how he hopes he doesn't F it up and blow his nose off instead of killing himself. He wasn't able to locate his mother so he killed one of his nannies who had sexually abused him then he killed himself. I found it very strange watching the video because Rick came across as a very likeable person and when I learned what he and his sister went through as children I felt sorry for him and wished someone would have been able to talk him out of doing what he did.

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    There was a Children of God documentary o a cable news channell. It was very well made.

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    are u sure for that??

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I think it might be the same one Skeeter1. On Youtube it is called: "Children of God: Lost and Found" and it is made in to a seven part series. I was down in Huntington Beach today and drove down Main street where that cult got its start. Some of the buildings have changed so I couldn't remember where the exact location was. I know it was on the east side of the street (referred to as south by locals). I know it was pretty close to Pacific Coast Highway. I think after they move out it became a Walden Surfboard shop and later Robert August Surfboards. I remember walking in there seeing him (David Berg) sitting in the middle of the room reading the Bible and giving his interpetation of it. It all seemed very unstructured. People would walk in and out at will and he would just continue teaching those gathered around him listening. They would hand out day old food they got from catering trucks and restaurants. I remember lots of teens hanging out there. I also remember bikers and addicts hanging out there. I have seen it referred to as a coffee house but I don't remember any coffee house unless they had another location but I don't think they did. For years I never thought much about them. I thought they must have died out once they left that location and moved out of state. Years later when I left the dubs and and started investigating cults I was surprised to find out that keep on going and got worse and worse. And as to be expected there are those who are still in it and will be loyal to the evil old bastard till the day they die. Does that sound like the members of another group we know?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Children of God had a group in New Zealand in the early seventies. It was impossible to to walk Queen St in Auckland without being accosted by one cult or another. COG and Hare Kristna were the most 'in your face' groups.

    There have been a couple of very unsavory cults here. One still survives.

    I don't know if you can see this outside NZ.

    When I first saw it, it was called Children of Gloriavale.

    Sins of the Father is a story by one of the grandchildren of the leader

  • andy5421

    that is a seriously fucked up documentary. Not fo the feint of heart. Messed up shit there and a fucked up individual David Berg.

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