Were you rebellious?

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  • God_Delusion

    When I was younger (from the moment I could reason and remember), I didn't like going to the meetings, having a weekly bible study or going out on the ministry. In fact, I didn't like to do any "theocratic" stuff.

    I would of course, get beaten up by my loving zealous pioneer mother due to my rebellious nature.

    Funny thing was, that even from the age of 5, I knew something was wrong with this religion (cult). At the age of 16, I decided that I simply didn't believe in any of it, but I didn't leave as my mother threatened to make me homeless if I stopped going to the meetings. I had a friend that was also made homeless. Frank died 8 months after. He hadn't even turned 17. I was simply too scared to stop.

    I left home at 17 and left "the truth ™ ".

    So then, did any of you realise at a very young age that something was terribly wrong?


  • Twitch

    Yes, though I was raised in it, I never liked it, even as a kid. The best time was just after the meeting was over and it was the longest stretch of "free" time til the next one. I did enjoy the getting together in a sense, did have fun "horsing" around and the more social aspect of it. But I always questioned and never got answers that made sense to me, even as a kid. It didn't add up. I believed and feared but never felt right about it all. So many decent people were about to die in the most horrific event in history and all these people were looking forward to it? Whacked.

    My teen years were tumultuous of course, like any teenager. I hung out with worldy school buddies, smoked cigs and weed at 15 and was a bit of a ruffian. Cutting loose. I still attended meetings and FS but fought it every time. I fought with the parents constantly and lived a double life for some time. I became very adept at lying, misinforming and counter surveillance. Paranoid might be a better word LOL. How not to get caught 101. Residual effects of those habits live with me today even.

    By the time high school was over, I decided to leave home and the "truth". I got a job, rented an apt, stocked it with some crappy furniture, food and of course my stereo and bass guitar. I left home around my 18th birthday and was glad to be "free", though it was in body but not mind, not yet. I slowly stopped going to meetings and I was busted for smoking and bad associations. After some kangaroo court elder meeting, I decided to cut the cord for good, didn't respond to them or anyone else from that life. I was adrift for some time but had decided to live my life the way I wanted, with whom I wanted for as long as I could. Damn the torpedoes, lol

    It wasn't until years later that the effects behind the beliefs began to leave me. An early start but a slow awakening. Trust your instincts,...

  • wantstoleave

    Yes, I was labelled rebellious from an early age by my parents and witnesses . I remember bucking at family studies, refusing to let mum or dad study with me, and I was all of about 8yrs old. So they fought me for a while, then decided to let me do my own pre-study. Dad had a written schedule we had to follow each night of the week after school . By 11 I was interested in boys and had a couple of boyfriends at school, though it was top secret and we never 'did' anything...lol. But the fear I had in me of my parents finding out a boy liked me was awful. My parents were very strict and at 12 when I wrote in my school book 'I love....' and mum saw it, I was hauled out of bed and yelled at. I wasn't even allowed to mention boys, or if they were good looking or anything. Dads rule was 'no boyfriends till you're of marrying age at 18'.

    By 13 I had 3 piercings in each ear and tried a cigarette. I immediately confessed to my parents, who got an elder around to counsel me. I hated it even then. I also decided at that age not to be a witness, yet never told my parents and went along with it. By 16 I hated my dad teasing me with '16 never kissed', so went out and kissed 2 boys in 2 days...LOL! I then got baptised the next week . At 19 I got very drunk at a party and mum hid it from dad for me (bless her!) and had kissed several other boys..hehe. I again decided not to be a witness, told my mum and brother and they talked me out of it.

    I stayed on the straight and narrow after that, but my rebellious label stuck. Had first boyfriend at 23, married and had a baby by 24. And here I am today . Mentally have left the organisation, inactive for a longgg time but no one knows my decision yet.

  • wobble

    I seem to have "rebel" in my genes, from a very early age I questioned authority of any kind, seeking a reason why I should do, or not do ,anything.

    I started dating, and kissing girls and drinking, mainly beer, at thirteen, a year after my baptism.

    I was never happy with the idea of being a Witness, kept it hidden from school friend as much as possible, and from everyone else if possible in later life. Deep down I knew there was so much wrong with the religion.

    I was always the black-sheep of the family, despite at times seeming a good Witness MS, pioneer, etc.

    It took me though, until I was 58 to finally cut all ties with the Cult, all my "friends" and family were in.

  • Nowman

    Yep, very relellious. I left home at 18 - parents and the "the troof". Fast forward to age 36 (now), just reunited with some ex-JW friends recently, had not seen them since I left. I thought it was funny they said "Nikki, you were a rockstar in the troof, all the parents wanted us to be like you"

    I had no idea!

    Luv rebillious nikki

  • Elgiard

    I wasn't really rebellious because up until early adulthood I absolutely believed it.

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