Perry - Question about original sin

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  • startingover

    For Perry and all the others that say humans are sinful creatures in need of redemption:

    Since I'm certain you consider sexual perversion to be a big part of that sinful nature humans supposedly inherited, I have a question regarding the young fella in the video below. Don't his actions show he is also fallen flesh in need of redemption? I say a better explanation is that humans are as much animals as this young guy.

  • chrisjoel

    The difference between chimps and humans is a jail sentence and possible community service.

  • Kinjiro

    The real creepy thing about this video is the mom and the kids laughing in the background...

  • bohm

    oh God, poor frog!

  • startingover

    This sure got buried quick. I really want to know, the victim of original sin or not?

  • sir82

    I think the fundy answer is something about the earth being under a curse as a result of "original sin", thus leading to acts of homosexuality, and what? bestiality? among animals.

    I think some even hold that nasty things like viruses & mosquitos & poisonous snakes and so on are a result of the "cursed earth".

    I could be wrong though - it's been a while since I heard an attempted explanation.

  • myelaine


    ZeusRocks said:

    I haven't committed any crime that is deserving of death

    Perry answered:

    "How would you go about establishing the truth or falsity of this statement, especially in light of the fact that you are dying?"...

    The OT charged both jews and gentiles of being "under sin" (romans 3:9-20)...God saw that we were all humans we see some sin as worse than others...

    I can't imagine what AGUEST does during her day that she says that she is the worst of all sinners......

    ...maybe she can answer this question for you too.

    love michelle

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