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  • sabastious

    I have had a campaign for the past year to help my devout JW family "wrap their head around" my decision to leave the Organization.

    It's been a delicate process and even with walking on egg-shells I still get some massive heat from them.

    For starters, my family has a ripe "grape vine" if you know what I mean. The majority are completely fine using it to gather information while never actually speaking to the person in question.

    It kind of feels like how African American's may have felt back before the Civil Rights Movement. If you were black then whatever you said or did was promptly used against you.

    It's kind of the same way with people labeled "apostates" in the Watchtower Organization. Once they are suspicious about it, anything you say that isn't loaded with WT fan boy verbiage is twisted as an "attack."

    The sad thing about it is how easily they put you on "Satan and the Demons' Side." As an ex-witness I know how Satan and the Demons are viewed: as the universes most sinister malicious beings. Any villain in any horror movie doesn't even compare to the malice of "Satan and his Demons."

    It's emotionally devastating to know that my family so readily throws me into their "bottom of the barrel" so-to-speak.

    However I am not going to stand down. I am not DF'ed or DA'ed yet and even though it can be very disheartening, I want to still "peck away."

    And by that I do not mean bringing up doctrinal issues or pedophile scandles. I mean be the best damn person I can be, because I would do that anyway, it comes natural. And whenever I feel a situation presents itself I will take a shot at divulging my feelings on some matters and attempt to gain empathy.

    So far, every attempt has been deemed a direct attack on their core system of values.

    I aint givin' up.


  • fokyc

    YES ! very true.

  • cyberjesus

    im with ya

  • ProdigalSon

    Jesus went out of his way to stress the importance of not judging others. He used little children as an example, who instead of making judgments, simply observe. Once we start judging, the ego has taken over and we bring pain suffering and grief into our lives. The Watchtower is a religion that takes the judging of others, in fact the entire world outside of them, to unprecedented heights. The way to enlightenment in by increasing our vibration by loving others unconditionally. See the parable of the sheep and the goats. The twisted Pharisees in the Tower have the dubs believing that their salvation depends on how they treat the "anointed" (HAHAAAAA!!!!!) while they toss their neighbors in need in the gehenna trash heap because they "rejected the truth" (WT vomit). The result? It is THEY who have the biggest Mark of the Beast, which is a big fat blotch on the forehead that signifies that the third eye or pineal gland is blocked.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    To think that we have all this diversity in damn near everything even down to our blood type but getting to god? Nah, it's the dubs, the whole dubs and nothing but the dubs. Cu-ray-zee.

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