BANE - I found you on Youtube!!!

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  • Titus


    Please, look this video from the beggining.

    Man on motorcycle is Dule (read: "Doole") called "The Bird". He is leader of the tefts bandits.

    BANE is a young guy who fleed from his home.

    The conversation between BANE and Dule begins at 3:45.

    Transcript of conversation:

    Dule: BANE....... is it acronym of BRANKO?
    BANE: No! It is of BRANISLAV.
    Dule: Aha! I see.... Folks in your home don't understand you......? You are provoked in the school ....? And you are sicken of such life....?
    BANE: (laugh) Yes! How do you know everything about me?
    Dule: I don't know. I am only asking.
    BANE: Why people call You "The Bird"?
    Dule: What does the bird do?
    BANE: Flies!
    Dule: Right!
    Dule: Are you afraid of something?
    BANE: No!
    Dule: Really?
    BANE: No!

    And then Dule slaps BANE, and overthrows him on the ground!

  • Scully


    After your hissy fit yesterday about your identity being compromised, you have the nerve to go and pull a stunt like this?

    I have half a mind to go back and undo all that editing I did to help you out yesterday.

    I've a lot of childish things happen on this forum in my years here as a moderator, but this is complete bull$h!t on your part.

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