The invisible presence of Christ is made by proxy?

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  • dgp

    I'm reading Don Cameron's "Captives of a Concept", and I find that Jesus invisible second coming is not supposed to be a physical presence itself, but a presence through actions. As in "by proxy". Is that the current belief, or has it changed?


  • JWoods

    While it may be a little embarrassing for the WT to actually state it clearly, in effect the WTBTS and the Governing Body are the presence of the Christ to the JW world since his "arrival in 1914".

    It is also amusing to note that they (although strictly non-Trinitarian) refer much more commonly to the Governing Body directly getting communications from Jehovah rather than Jesus - even though Jesus is supposed to be ruling as king.

    Reality is that when nothing from heaven happened or appeared on their 1914 prophetic date, they had to substitute themselves for Christ. They also maintain this by denial that the vast majority of the Great Crowd membership are even in the new covenant. These low rank members have to come to the annointed (governing body) for indirect mediation.

    The "governing body" have become the effective Christ for the 6 or 7 million misled witnesses.

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