Just been called on....gggrrrrr

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  • Lozhasleft

    We live in a 2nd floor apartment so they had to ring the buzzer ...2 ladies wanting to leave me a 'little tract'...after confirming they were JWs I said:

    "Please dont - may I suggest you go away and read the book 'Crisis of Conscience' by Ray Franz before you leave anymore of the tracts? Then you'll understand what actually goes on in the New York Bethel."

    One asked if I'd been a Witness and said how sorry she was that I wasnt happy with the WTBS and wondered why.

    I told her "Its destroyed my family and 30 years of my life - I do recommend you read the book so that you might rescue your own."

    End of conversation....who knows but they probably think I'm an apostate nutter. I tried to sound sincere and authentic....am angry now though.

    Loz x

  • cyberjesus

    i wish it was my door!

  • moshe

    People hate secrets- I hope your commments will cause them to check out the book. I remember trying to explain about the CofC book to several JWs at the KH I first attended some 15 years previously. Everyone was all ears, until the CO broke us up and explained that Ray was a demon apostate. I often wondered, if the CO knew more than he let on, as he never ratted me out for talking about the book. Its very hard for a JW to attack the testimony of an ex-JW that is based on feelings and experiences. Doctrine, yes, but not feelings and emotions. Perhaps that is because most JWs are probably not as happy with the WT religion as they let on.


    I used to be quite hard on the elders when they called but I have mellowed. I feel a certain compassion for the 'sisters' who call and nervously offer me a tract.

    Two women called on me a few weeks ago. They invited me to their Circuit assembly. I asked if I could go with them if I attended. They giggled but declined my generous offer.

    I then asked if we would get a new date for Armageddon at the assembly, now that the last one had passed. They said they were not sure!

  • zzaphod

    I had them at the door last week, I threw everything I could remember at them, generation change*, blood**, df ing***, C T Russels pyramid measuring****, 1975***** nothing really bothered them until I said put me down as a "do not call", perhaps I should have told them I DA`d near on 20 years ago. But they caught me on a day I was feeling quite combative, I doubt that any of what I said sunk in.

    * they gave me the impression that if you`ve seen any footage from 1914 on the TV, you`re part of the generation now.

    ** Didn`t have blood fractions in the past, so all those that died - tough!

    *** Keep congregation clean

    **** he was "searching" for the truth

    ***** "erm"

    All the best

    Paul UK

  • transhuman68

    Hopefully one day you will be able to laugh in their faces, Loz. That would really confuse them!

  • Bluegill

    Gladiator....Your comment made my day!!! LOL!! I love it!

  • wasblind

    Still waiting on my return visit, It looks kind of bad when you have the so called truth, but won't return with it

  • Lozhasleft

    The damage the Org does it should be stopped from proselytising.

    Loz x

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