TeamWork- Are JWs false prophets? Part 1 (outline)

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  • cyberjesus

    Ok I saw the other day a fantastic thread about the false prophecies of the JWS. But it had so much information and was spread all over so I think it would be a good idea to have a Clean Thread on the topic. And have it handy or print it out so whenever we need to use it its all in one place. Also we have sooo many intelligent people in this board and such fantastic researchers that I think we could come up with something very clever all together.

    So lets think of the outline first, lets use this first thread to come up with a good outline of the topic. I suggest the following:

    1. JWs view on prophets and prophecy

    2- Greek and Hebrew words used in the bible their definitions and ethymology

    3.-Examples of false prophets according to JWs in the bible and in real world

    4.- What the bible says about prophets and false prophets

    5.- ALL the failed prophecies of the Different religions

    6.- ALL the failed prophecies of JWs

    7.- Closing arguments to let the reader decide who is a false prophet.

    Lets work on the outline first, once we have the outline we will work on every item on other threads.

  • Titus

    8.- Who are true prophets today if JWs are false?

    Just wonder...

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