Adam or agriculture. What came first?

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  • dudeson

    Everything you learned about the Neolithic Revolution was wrong. Why? Here's why:

    *** it-2 p. 303 Man ***
    Adam and Eve were created toward the end of the sixth creative “day.” (Ge 1:24-31) There are no actual records of ancient man, his writing, agriculture, and other pursuits, extending into the past before 4026 B.C.E., the date of Adam’s creation. Since the Scriptures outline man’s history from the very creation of the first human pair, there can be no such thing as “prehistoric man.” Fossil records in the earth provide no link between man and the animals. Then, too, there is a total absence of reference to any subhumans in man’s earliest records, whether these be written documents, cave drawings, sculptures, or the like. The Scriptures make clear the opposite, that man was originally a son of God and that he has degenerated.

    Damn, this apologist stuff is too easy.

  • ziddina

    Agriculture came first, then the myth of "Adam"...

    This website discusses the origins of agriculture, and postulates the earlier forms of agriculture beginning around 8,000 B.C. ...

    On the other hand, the bible itself is only around 3,500 years old...

    Which means agriculture predates the myth of "Adam" by at least 4,500 years...

    Some apologists need to do more reading of scientific papers....


  • dudeson

    Ziddina, you overlooked one important FACT. This was printed in a Watchtower publication. It can't be wrong.

  • ziddina

    And this site describes the early origins of agriculture, again at least 4,500 years before the biblical mythology of "Adam"...

    And this one, also... From the University of Maryland, undergraduate program in Plant Biology...

    And this one, also...

    See why JWs and the Watchtower Society are afraid of allowing their people to actually LEARN anything, outside of the Watchtower Organization?? Because the REAL truth proves THEM FALSE!!


  • ziddina

    Dudeson, you mock apologist!!! I'm agonna SMACK you!!!

    Please tell me you're not doing "BANE'S" job for him, now...


  • StAnn

    You're all wrong. Adam came first. Agriculture came as a punishment to Adam for sinning in the garden, just like childbirth was a punishment to Eve after sinning, just like snakes lost their legs after tempting Eve in the garden. It's all right there in the NWT.

    *Geez* It's embarrassing to think I used to believe this drivel. Thank God I was disfellowshipped so I could indulge in free inquiry!

  • ziddina

    "Agriculture came as a punishment to Adam for sinning in the garden, just like childbirth was a punishment to Eve after sinning ..."

    So, how come I"M the one out in my yard, pulling weeds, since I'm a "gurl"...???

    Pulling weeds is the only time I'd agree with that.... Zid

  • Leolaia

    Writing was invented independently in Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3500 BC. Long, long after the existence of earlier hominid species (er, "subhumans"), the invention of agriculture, etc. And funnily enough, these two writing systems attest the fact that distinct languages existed way back then (Egyptian and Sumerian), at a time earlier than permitted by their "Bible chronology". And these writing systems did not arise ab ovo but had a long prehistory of pre-linguistic symbolic representation....with antecendents of Mesopotamian writing going back thousands of years earlier.

  • bohm

    Actually, aggriculture has been practices for millions of years by the thermites:

    why wont anyone think of the thermites?

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