Charity status - discrimination

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  • James_Slash

    Someone told me this the other day.

    Does anyone know if it is true that to hold charity 'status' that you cannot discriminate against colour, creed, sexual preference, disability etc etc?

    Surely the WTBTS go against these 'rules' by disfellowshipping homosexuals or discriminating against the mentally ill?

    Just a thought.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    the WTBS as a charity is a joke!

    they lie about everything to get that status anyway, so they would deny discrimination too.


  • WingCommander

    Whenever I hear, see, or read about the JW's claiming to be a "Charity" I immediately laugh my ass off. I did even when I was growing up a JW.


    Because they offer NOTHING of charity, that's why. About 2 years ago I asked a JW lady at my door who made this claim exactly where were the soup kitchens, clothing stores, homeless shelters, food depositories, schools, and nursing homes that the JW's built? She got the famous "deer in the headlights look" and you could literally see the wheels turning, like I slapped her across the head. I flat out said, "Jesus commanded Christians to look after widows and orphans, so how exactly does a publishing company do that? Where are your charities and orphanages? I'll bet there are NONE." It stopped her dead in her tracks....she was gobbsmacked, she had never thought about this before.

    The only hand-out they are familar with is the one that the members send to Headquarters every month so they can continue to live free high off the hog while everyone else struggles in "the World." Meanwhile, they continue to beat down the flock and demand more money, more time, and don't you dare get more education, fools!!!!

    Charity my ass.

    - Wing Commander

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    They can deny discrimination, but they will lie about it and then "edit their publications" to make it fit their "nu lite." Their idea of charity is selling books & magazines for at least double what it costs them to produce with slave labor. Some giving spirit!

  • wantstoleave

    They only use the term 'charity' for financial purposes. It's a total crock!

  • Sojourn

    I grew up with the feeling that charity was just generally a shady thing to engage in. Mind you, no one ever told me this exactly.

    The idea came from the way that we, as Witnesses, were guided to look down on other religions (as being false; influenced by Satan...) and to keep our distance and dollars from any other organizations no matter how peaceful and beneficial they seemed: such as the Red Cross, etc.

    And yet, these other religions and organizations were, and continue to be, constantly busy in charity work much like Jesus was. If we could see a pie chart breaking down Jesus' actions while on earth (whether or not you or I believe in Jesus anymore...) it would almost certainly show that at least 75% of that was charity work.

    I don't know why I never questioned this glaring discrepancy (oh wait, yes I do): that Witnesses do not engage in this work that Jesus devoted so much time towards...

    For any onlooking Witness out there: yes, I will give you that a much-needed bag of groceries, clothes, and very kind acts are provided for other Witnesses in need (even those with 'worldly' relatives), but charity on an organizational level (to provide food, clothing, etc.) is not hinted at in the least, and certainly NEVER practiced.

  • wantstoleave

    I remember giving bags and bags full of clothes/toys/household goods to the Victorian bushfire appeal here last year. I had my kids go through their things and pack into bags things they wanted to give to 'the kids who lost everything' in the fires. My little kids, only 2 and 4 at the time did so lovingly and without thought, because they recognised that other kids needed things more than they did. Yet when I mentioned in passing to some witnesses how I had done so, they huffed about it and said I should have instead given to people in the congregation. What the hell?!

    I have always given to charity, doesn't even cross my mind if I'm giving to St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army or Red Cross. There are people in need everywhere, from all walks of life. And if I can help in some small way, I will. Yet from a witness standpoint, it's a 'no no'. Boggles the mind!!

  • carla

    We just had this discussion on the board a while back and the resident jw of the day claimed they teach people to read by using the wt's, that is their charity. And of course giving everyone a chance at destruction/possibly making it through the big A depending on if they choose to accept the wt doctrines.

    How many of you actually took the time to teach someone to read when you were a jw in fs? I'm guessing it would take slightly longer than the 6 months allowed for a study to accept all things jw when your book studies were what? once a week? Did any of you know of anyone who taught someone to read?

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