How much time do you have to put in?

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  • dgp

    Will anyone please tell me how many hours you have to put in if you are

    - a publisher

    - a pioneer (all the different kinds of 'em)

    - an elder

    - a ministerial servant

    - a CO, PO, or what-have-you.

    - a traveling overseer

    and, above all, an unbaptized member.

    Do they let you off if you can't walk well, for example?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • scotinsw

    The official answer for publishers (both baptised and unbaptised) is to do as much as you can.

    Of course, if this means 1 hour a month they will hound you that you're not doing more.

    For elders and ministerial servants I think they need to meet the national average as reported in the Kingdom Ministry.

  • Mattieu

    Hi DGP,

    To the best of my knowledge:

    a publisher - At least the national average, here in OZ, they like at least 10 hours.

    - a pioneer (all the different kinds of 'em) - Auxillary - 50, regular - 70, special - 100 I think.

    - an elder - Defiinitely double figures, though 95% of that time is spent directing the groups and masturbating. They also get to count the time of giving public talks.

    - a ministerial servant - As above, though during the "reaching out" stage, it helps to get 50% more hours than the serving body of elders/ms's. Then they appoint you an MS to slow you down and stop showing them up!

    - a CO, PO, or what-have-you. - CO - same as regular pioneer, though he can pretty much even count his dreams as door to door service. Their hours are not subject to scrutiiny.

    - a traveling overseer - (C/O as above). D/O same as C/O

    and, above all, an unbaptized member. - Ooooh, if you really want to show your love and appreciation and your desire to be baptised, you should be doing more than the rest, as if making up for lost time not spent in Gods love..... Once baptised, revert to average publisher hours,

    Do they let you off if you can't walk well, for example? - Heck no, they just put you down with a loaded double barrell......

  • RosePetal

    dgb this is how it is in Watchtower world Eg. I was on my back in agony with prolapsed discs I couldn't move I was in so much pain. My husband was literaly lifting me on the bed onto a potty to go to toilet as I couldn't move. I was on my back for months . Of course I was unable to attend the meetings or go out door knocking.

    An elder finally came to see us. My husband had to put a bed in the lounge for me so the elder walks in the room still holding his bag [didn't even sit down] started hounding me about my ministry and my report. My husband said for goodness sake she is on her back how do you expect her to engage in the ministry.

    Well he said she can write letters can't she, at this point my hubby was getting really angry. He said for goodness sake she can't even sit up and you expect her to write letters. At this point he showed him the door.

    This was just one of many experiences over thirty years. All they were interested in was field service numbers and looking good when the C.O. came to visit, and were irritated if publishers became inactive are missed a months report.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It seems like it's about time Jehovah's instructions on hours had a fresh upload.

    Turn your brain on & read them carefully, using all of your comprehension skills.

    I'm talking to you especially, BANE. If you own a car, print this out and pin it on your sunvisor.

    Righteous Requirements

    Watchtower July 1, 1943

  • andy5421

    here in Texas is 4 hours/month minimum to be considered an active publisher. Any past that is gravy.

    I know of a sister who is 98yo B&R Witness who can put in 15 minutes/month to be considered active.

    in my congo we make exceptions for special cases(with WT apporval of course)

  • asilentone

    at least 10 hours are requirement for each month to stay as MS unless they are sick and other circumstances.

  • dgp

    Thank you, guys. Not that I'm trying, but I think I would have never made it past "lazy study".

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    You can never do enough for them they will squeeze you dry like a turnip.

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