Australian Taxation office investigating religions as charities/tax status

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  • Mattieu

    There has been a lot of rumblings in the media here lately as to the worthiness of some religions enjoying a tax free benefit due to charity/not for profit status.

    The latest media reports are on the hIllsong church:

    I actually spoke to the reporter of this article a month ago on an unrelated matter, so will call him with a suggestion on a follow up article to this on the JW's.

    We have an election looming, so will not hold my breath as to the Government setting up an inquiry so as not to lose favour with voters, though based on the readers comments on the website, they should.

    Cheers, Mattieu (go Webber at Hockenheim......)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hillsong is a money-making racket. It's about time the ATO looked into it.

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