The thousand year reign of pagans...

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  • confliction

    Well, just thought it would be interesting to post this note to any who would care- I've been doing heavy research in trying to justify a paradise earth from the bible (so far, it's almost impossible without leaps and bounds), and it was interesting to come across the term "chiliasm"; up until now I had never heard that term before, so I looked it up.

    It turns out it's from the greek word "chilioi", which could be translated 'kilo', or 1,000.

    Well, chiliasm, also called millennialism, is the belief that christ will reign for 1,000 personally over mankind.
    Of course there are various versions of this doctrine, relating to the belief of the rapture in the second coming of christ- or not.
    So, I guess witnesses could be called "chiliasts", correct?

    Well here comes the fun part. It would seem that this teaching has it's roots in Zoroastrian chiliasm, which was a pagan belief system dating back before christ. In fact, it is estimated to have begun 600 years before Christ.

    To quote:
    "According to Schaff, the belief of a period of a thousand years of peace from evil powers had its origin with the religion of Zoroastrianism. This religion began prior to the Babylonian captivity and was in vogue during the time of the captivity. Zoroastrians believe that they were the ones who first taught the concept of one all powerful god, and the coming of a redeemer to save the world from the evil powers that pervade upon the earth."

    So, not only does the belief of a thousand year reign from evil powers originate from pagan origins, but also the idea of a "redeemer", or savior.

    So I guess next time I knock on your door, call me a Chiliast, and tell me I'm pagan?

  • jamiebowers

    How interesting...I've never heard of that before.

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