My Moms shepherding call last night re: Paedophiles

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  • James_Slash

    My Mom had a shepherding call last night from two Elders.

    She raised the issue of the Paedophile problem within the organisation.

    The Elder admitted that the problem "was very real" and that at Conventions in particular they have all paedophiles present under strict watch by the attendants/watchers - not allowing them to go to the toilet alone.

    He also admitted that the Elders know ALL paedophiles who are present at conventions and meetings and that much work 'goes on' behind the scenes to reduce the risk.

    However, he did admit that there was nothing that could be done about them and that they were entitled to attend public meetings. He said that 'their hands were tied'.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The scriptures they use to justify their stance actually says to deal with sort of stuff in an open forum involving the congregation. That way Mum, Dad & the kids know who the paedos are too.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    If they were convicted in the US, a sign is put in their front yard, and they are supposed to stay 500 feet or more away from places children frequent, schools, playgrounds, ect. If said convicted person can be in close contact with children at meetings and assemblies, he is in violation of his probation and could go back to jail. Check the laws where you live, by just watching these ones in bathrooms might not be enough in law enforcement's eyes of avoiding all contact with children.

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