Should the Watchtower thank "Babylon the great Harlot" for bringing the bible to the world?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Witnesses make little progress in "Pagan" Muslim/hindu countries.....but christians are fair game thanks to former christendoms missionaries paving the way with bibles.....see, even harlots can be useful to "establishing the goodnews."

  • wobble

    Yes they should !

    I don't think though that a lot of Christians realise the significance of this.

    Around 381AD the Church decided what was canonical, not that it finally settled things, a debate was still raging in the Reformation.

    But, it is my belief that the Church chose the writings that supported its Theology and its Agenda (Political) at the time. They may have destroyed writings that were not in accord with their position. These are forever lost.

    Hence we do not know for sure what the Historical Jesus taught, though we probably have a lot of his original sayings in the books we do have, but which are truly His?

    Add that to the great Terry's point that all we have is translations , affected by the theology of the translator in all cases, of copies of copies.

    So even the books we do have, as decided by a Church whose Doctrines had developed way beyond what was 1st Century belief, have no provenance, cannot be trusted.

    To say "The Bible says you should believe,or do, ...this" is nonsense, it has no weight.

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