Change We Can - Scandal and Corruption

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    1. Limit assignment and term of Elders and Pioneers. They should rotate periodically. Allowing them to serve continuously is a bad idea.
    2. Never say/present in the Talks that you will help in marriage.
    3. Make it very clear that you are no longer into marriage counselling.
    4. Advise your flock to seek professional marriage counsellor.


    There's a popular saying "absolute power corrupts absolutely". I think long-times Elders and Pioneers are experiencing this.

    Although everybody gossips, these leaders harmfully gossip about everything that happens to everyone. There is no confidentiality. This changed the expectations and perception of my spouse and worsened my marriage.

    When the Elders then want to help, but instead promoted themselves and their intangible qualities. My natural respect left they evaporated.

    Now no one will help to undo the years of eroding damage. Apparently, the Elders in my local congregation have exited marriage counselling.

    In reality, family and marriage is not priority among Jehovah's Witnesses, especially when the Elders and Poineers stubbornly recommend to you to keep the kingdom first - which is spend more time preaching aimlessly and make service fruitlessly as "happy pill". All effort is done except to address the lingering family and marital issues.

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    Correction - "keep the kingdom first" should be "keep seeking the kingdom first".

    Many JW victims refuse to be aware, but they spend inordinately time and effort in the preaching work. Some just love to go with others even though they are not finding interested ones for a very long time. At the end of the day, they are physically drained and sad to say emotionally dependent on other people but their real JW family.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Why bother changing it into a different cult.

    Just shut it down and use the buildings for rehabilitation of members, ex-members, families and associated victims.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I would truly love to see the bethelites/circuit and district overseers/special pioneers and missionaries step into the real world, hold a job in order to support themselves and help their families, deal with 'non-believers' on a daily basis; you know, live a 'real' life, with its struggles that test one's faith, patience and endurance.

    I bet you a large percentage of them wouldn't make it out here in the real world, without the perks of $$$ from the congregations to cover their every need, plus a new vehicle every 3 years, health insurance, and the 'men worshippers' in all congregations that roll out the golden carpet for these humans when they visit, pouring at their feet all their best material offerings.


    I know that won't happen. The religion, any religion for that fact, will not get rid of its greatest recruiters and motivators of the masses to give more and do more, more, more!!!

    Oh no, Mr. Hyde is coming out in me!!!


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