Why are Bethelites so discusted by their own "real" family members?? {Like Fred Franz e.g}

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Some friends of mine at Bethel had slightly disfunctional families at home....nothing huge, just dad was a bit loud....sister had depression at times mum was abit emotional etc etc {all of them Faithful Witnesses though} ....i was amazed that even at Assemblies when they came from interstate the bethelite friends would "shy away" from their REAL family. They would always be too busy, or have something to do....one family drove home in tears because their Bethel son did not seem to "have time for them..."

    E.G Fredrick Franz 1939 when he was told by his mom his father died Franz told her due to press work at Bethel he can't make it!!!!....his mother complained to Rutherford who ordered him to attend.........I just think to myself what an ass!!! But I've seen this with many Bethel boys who seem embarrased to have a Real and normal family at home.....instead of the Bethel "ROBOT FAMILY" they now have.

  • believingxjw

    I don't think we can put all Bethelites in the same category. There are many loving sons and daughters who serve in Bethel but for those who prefer to be loners and who don't care for family, Bethel may be a place they would gravitate to.

  • read good books
    read good books

    Bethel like pioneering has a sort of we versus them mentality, also the suffering martyr complex they just don't understand the sacrifice were making. Also their is a certain amount of mental illness caused by trying to fit into the Bethel mold.

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