True Christianity - driven by organization?

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  • gutted

    Hi all,

    I've been reading In Search of Christian Freedom Chapter 3 and I'm quite fascinated at Ray's take on how the congregation was actually set up in the 1st century. I never knew that a "governing body" only convened one time in Jerusalem to discuss the circumcision issue, and was not mentioned prior or after this. Also Paul went many years without heading to Jerusalem for "instruction" but had the Antioch congregation as his home-base.

    Also the idea in the 1st century it was more a brotherhood than a hierarchical religious organization, and that elders and shepherds had less power organizationally but where there more to serve.

    Obviously I was never taught or exposed to these ideas as a JW.

    In your mind, do these facts (argue them if you don't believe) support the stance that "true Christianity" is a heart condition, a direct relationship with God and Jesus, and that no man should interfere or mediate this relationship?

    Do some of you label yourselves as such, a Christian without a religious organization?


    Do some of you label yourselves as such, a Christian without a religious organization?

    My guess is this sums up most the Christians on this forum.

  • Soldier77

    I need to get this book and read it, I've heard it referenced too many times to pass up.

    I found that point very interesting too gutted, the one that Paul was not in contact or reported to the older men in Jerusalem. When he did come back from his missionary tour he didn't go to Jerusalem but went to Antioch and was based there. He also disagreed with and called out Peter with his hypocritical actions.

    I found that interesting as well. Two anointed christians disagreeing and yet... no one was called an apostate? Maybe the GB need to analyze Romans, Galatians and Ephesians a bit more and compare that to how they are running the org now.

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