Bible researchers: "Get out of her my people, if you don't want to receive part of her plagues"

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  • EndofMysteries

    If you do NOT get out of her, you will receive part of her plagues. If this is near to happening, and if God reveals to his people before he acts, then it would be important to understand this would it not? Not that your condemned if you don't just from that scripture Rev 18:4, but God is intending to do something and as a kindness giving a warning.

    Consider back in Ancient Jerusalem's time......they were given a warning of what was about to happen to Jersusalem and how to escape it.

    Now, if this is something you would like to know. What is your current understanding of it? Is it false religion? Is it the WT? WHO? AND if you identify who, then what exactly are the 'plagues' you will share if you remained or won't have to share if you get out?

    (Sometimes just trying to seek one answer, will lead you on the path to many answers)

  • cameo-d

    EoM, The "plagues" are not something futuristic. They have been on-going for centuries. Anyone who gets involved with religious domination and voluntarily submits to the authority of someone else to claims to speak for god or know him experiencing "plagues". Is the life of a JW not tormented in such a way? Or how about the people who had to pay indulgences, a "sin tax", or atone for their sins by working for the church for years. Same principle when it comes to building KH's or being approached for big donation when you want to get reinstated. That is what is meant by plagues.

    Plague means more than just having a flu. Plagues are burdens and harassments.

  • EndofMysteries

    Cameo-d - it seems like that, but there is a very real 'literal' judgement to come soon. God has not only given a 'general' overall world conditions of things. He has specifically told what will happen to specific areas. Those who are alive and able to actually check or be shown, will be astonished on the things they'll be shown which have been in the bible all along, but kept hidden.

    Here are the plagues I'm referring to, Rev 18:8 - That is why in one day her plagues will come, death and mourning and famine, and she will be completely burned with fire, because Jehovah God, who judged her, is strong.

  • Kosonen

    It might be USA, because it is a superpower like Babylon was in ancient with the king Nebuchadnessar. But I'm waiting for a proper opportunity to go to Israel, like in ancient times God's people went to Israel.

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