Am I right to detect a merciless atmosphere?

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  • dgp

    I remember that, when I was just beginning to read about JW's, I found JWFacts (great site) and read that being in the WT is bad because of the high control on people. I would add a merciless environment where the rules can be bent, usually against you. I would love to hear people's opinions on this.

  • serenitynow!

    It is a pretty harsh atmosphere. And yes, the way the rules are, they (elders) are always powerless to help you, but always seem to be able to punish you(usually for small "infractions").

    The thing is though that you don't really see that until you get out. It was only after being out and getting help from a great therapist that I was able to see that I had developed an entire personality to deal with the problems I encountered from the men in the org.

  • Terry

    People who can think usually rely on thinking before acting.

    People who cannot think rely on rules and black and white enforcement.

    A family relies on knowledge of the other, insight, empathy, situation and the general welfare for its decisions.

    An army obeys orders.

    Those who seek to justify actions with true facts always ask questions and test outcomes before acting.

    Those who serve authority merely react.

    For thousands of years Jehovah killed millions either directly or by inaction. This is seen as Justice and Perfection.

    Then, suddenly, Jehovah extends mercy based on death, bloodshed and profession of faith by the same wicked sinners he previously wiped out.

    This is seen as Undeserved Kindness.

    Understand what sort of person agrees to these things and you'll understand the confusion of the merciless atmosphere.

  • Snotrag

    That is a deep thought Terry. How do you contrast the love taught by Jesus?

  • Terry

    That is a deep thought Terry. How do you contrast the love taught by Jesus?

    Jesus doesn't make any real sense as an actual person. As a story construct he is more believable. Sort of like the alien, Carpenter, in the original Day the Earth Stood Still.

    In a hostile world, turning the other cheek and loving your enemy will result in the obliteration of good and decent people as targeted victims.

    Think of the monks of Tibet when the Chinese Communist army over ran them and wiped them out. The monks lifted not a finger to protect themselves or others.

    The Dali Lama himself had to run off like a girly-man just to preserve what little was left of his Buddhist ethos.

    Jesus had super-powers. Obviously. Regular people who try on the Jesus personality don't make life better for themselves. Why? No super powers!

    Look at nature. It is a kill and eat world. This is the reality into which came the UNreality of Jesus.

    No christian who failed to protect themselves and fight against their enemies lasted long. The Roman coliseum swallowed them up as sport.

    Fellow christians did the rest.

    Constantine's version of christianity was far removed from Jesus' neo-christian judaism. It was underwritten by Roman armies.

    Jesus the super-hero is the forerunner of Superman.

    If there were an actual historical Jesus----I think he'd be far less interesting.

    Most likely, the Jesus of gospel stories is a composite of some historical messianic personalities and lots of overlaid fan fiction add-ons. IMHO.

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