Calvary Baptists and Muslims clash

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  • designs

    Temecula California. A decades old Muslim community is building a Mosque across the street from the Calvary Baptist Center. Pastor Bill Rench declared the two religions 'mix like oil and water' and does not want to see the new Mosque flourish and spread.

    How will two religious groups who think each other is headed for Hell get along. The Interfaith Council is in the middle and trying to smooth ruffled feathers. The Republican Concerned Citizens Group is circulating petitions against the Mosque declaring 'our boys are dying fighting Muslims'. Church Rows are fun. The entertainment value of this is tremendous.

    The local Kingdom Halls will sit on their hands only trying to witness to whomever will listen.

  • read good books
    read good books

    The Witnesses are just as extreme and believe Moslems and Baptists should be killed, they just let their God do the dirty work

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