"THE EVIL SLAVE" exposes the Watchtower....Four Bible Student elders speak up !

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  • koolaid-man

    The largest schism in Watchtower history involved the Bible Students in the 20's and 30's. It was not so much that Bible Students "opposed" the work of the Society, the issue was the Bible Students and the Society were no longer in harmony doctrinally, the 3,000 or so who "dropped" out by 1918, eventually grew in the coming years, by 1930 seventy-five percent of the original Bible Students had abandoned the Society. The Bible Students or "THE EVIL SLAVE" As the Jehovah's Witnesses refer to them as, are now coming back to haunt the Org. Many Witnesses are now researching the early roots of the Bible Students and many are returning to the early teachings of Charles Taze Russell. WHY? Four Bible student elders, including a Bible student historian, will be our guests on the Six Screens of The Watchtower conference call tonight, Saturday July 17,2010. Our guests will tell us how their teachings differ from the Watchtower Society, and wait till you hear about the second president, Joseph Rutherford. It's easy to get on the call, just dial 712-432-8710 and when asked for pin use 9925. Our program starts at 7p.m.EST, and our lines open at 6:30EST for the pre conference call program. So come in early and talk with all those who have been "touched by the tentacles of the Watchtower".

  • linp24

    I hope I can get in on this discussion. Thanks for posting this.

    My father and grandmother were bible students. As a teenager, I sat in on many of their bible studies and met several bible students. These meetings involved lots of give and take and laughter. These people were relaxed and easy-going. There was never any pressure placed on me. No door knocking. No shunning. Birthdays and Christmas celebrated. College encouraged.

    Nothing at all like i read about on this site.....the experiences folks on this forum have had with Witnesses. A totally different atmosphere.

  • freydo

    Thanks for posting.

  • freydo

    That was some performance.

    It was like listening to the Yankees go into Fenway and shut out the Red Sox in the play-offs.

  • freydo

    from an email

    "On Saturday, July 17, five Bible Students were interviewed by an Ex-Jehovah's Witness group. We don't have exact numbers, but we are told that over 200 people called in to the conference call. Once the moderator of this call posts the recording on the Internet, apparently thousands will listen to the interview. At the bottom of this message, we have a link.........You can listen to the entire 4 hours+ interview on a recently launched site called http://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/?p=518

    Apparently these brothers made a favorable impression because one of the Ex-JW websites that supports the conference calls is advertising that Bible Students had a General Convention with our big group photo of all the Bible Students on shown on their home page; however it has now been moved to near the bottom of the Bible Student page here: http://www.christianwitnesses.com/id322.html"

  • ptt7000

    To linp24. Our history is the same. My memories as a child of the BS meetings were pleasurable. At 12 my mother went over to JW and the next 50 years I was one. Now I have found the BS again and associate with them. They will be hosting a call in and interenet soon. They don't have a governing body. They depend on Holy Spirit to hold them together.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I love the sincerity and steadfastness of the Bible Students but it's tough to shake the fact that CT Russell was either bonkers or looney-tunes (take your pick). At least by having them interviewed and having some of you brothers posting here it gives lie to the WT statement that those who opposed Rutherford "eventually came to nothing." You're still around and still free from the WT Borganization.

  • Essan

    It seems to me that the Bible Students are an infinitely less dangerous and controlling version of the JWs - or rather, I should say, the JWs are an infinitely more dangerous and controlling version of the Bible Students, seeing as the Witnesses are really a sect of the Bible Students rather than the other way around.

    I'm not interested in either really, but the Bible Students have far more to recommend them compared to the JWs. It would be fantastic if somehow there was a mass exodus from the JWs to the Bible Students. They would be much better off.

  • freydo

    I look at Bible Students and jw's to be anti-types of Jews and Samaritans.

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