Anything thelpful at this year's DA to help free my wife from the cult?

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  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    I haven't posted here for about 5 or 6 months. I've looked through previous threads in an attempt to find out about the sort of stuff issued at the DAs this year, but without success.

    My wife still attends some JW meetings. At present she's in attendance at the big DA in Perth, Scotland.

    Can anyone on this board comment on any talks, demonstrations, experiences, etc. that might help me continue my uphill struggle to 'open her eyes' and start to realize that she's in a nasty cult?

    Many thanks in anticipation for any gems uncovered.

    lifelong humanist

  • fokyc

    Thanks to YKnot here is the complete program:

    Listen for yourself!

    I have several people listening to these talks.

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    Thanks fokyc for sending this link, and thanks also to Yknot for providing the full programme! I really appreciate this consideration! I'll listen to a few minutes each day and then I'll, hopefully, have a few new angles to try and assist my wife to escape.

    lifelong humanist

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    What's a DA?

    Just curious...I'm not a JW.

    But it's not likely that you're going to be able to talk your wife into leaving her religion, and unless you have something better to replace it with you may find that doing so will hurt your relationship with her. If she's happy where she is, and if she finds fulfillment with the JWs, pulling the rug out from under her may have a number of unexpected consequences you may wish to discuss with a therapist.

    When I was in high school back in the early 70s, I had a philosophy teacher who loved destroying the faith of his evangelical students. He was an older fellow and had all sorts of experience that my class mates didn't. He succeeded in destroying the faith of several, one who committed suicide and one who married him (I kid you not). She was 18 when she married him, as her parents were opposed to her marrying this 56-year old guy who looked like Jabba-the-Hutt with a beard. He quoted Albert Camus all the time without knowing that Camus had renounced his atheism at the time of his death and was considering joining the Catholic church when he was killed in an automobile accident. The bottom line was that he was a predator. I'm not saying you're like that, but you need to find out the repurcussions of destroying someone's faith before you actually do it.

    Strange as it may seem, some of these people are happy. When you change their most deep-seated beliefs, you change their attitudes and life styles. She may change more than you want her to and you may find that she may slip into depression and have other problems, including a resentment and hatred of you.

    Just something to consider. Perhaps someone can add to this and give you suggestions.

  • blondie


    Originally the summer gatherings were called District Assemblies (DAs). Around the mid-80's they were called District Conventions.

    district convention
    A large {assembly} attended by persons from several {circuits} . Sometimes these are referred to as district assemblies but the {Society} does not use this term in print. (this last statement is inaccurate)

    *** w84 7/15 p. 30 Macao—A Record of Endurance ***Visits by traveling overseers from Hong Kong and attendance at circuit and district assemblies there are highlights that the few publishers find most faith strengthening.

  • BoomTown

    Went today. It was pretty boring. Seems like the organization is moving towards more mainstream christianity with its new publication on jeremiah which focuses more on daily living than modern prophecy pointing to the end being tomorrow. I have empathy for you. I am in a very similar situation. Instead of attacking her religion, try to fill her time building relationships with good worldly people that will give her something to do instead of going to meetings and help her see that non jws aren't bad people.

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