1939 Neutrality booklet pdf

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  • bereanbiblestudent

    Here is the booklet Neutrality published by the Watchtower Society. The booklet has 32 pages, the british version has 24 pages and the title Neutrality by JW's. This is the scanned US version.


    The Internet archive also makes epub and kindle files of the text part.

    The file is bookmarked and searchable

  • wobble

    Thanks for posting this BBS,

    My father decided on the basis of this, and other writings of the WT, that they were not neutral enough for his conscience.

    He refused military service, was imprisoned by H.M U.K government but did not become a JW till some years after the war. Why he joined the Dubs is a mystery to me, perhaps they did become more neutral ?

    It is the one belief that I still hold that agrees with the Dubs, that war is wrong.

    Thanks again, I have saved it.

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