Dubs and Fad Diets

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  • Clam

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    Of late my dear uncle, a stoic Dub of 50 years has become a fad dieter.

    His obsession with WTS tripe over the years seems to have given way quite a lot.

    He's now eating all sorts of weird and wonderful foods and shunning™ many foods which are tasty and nutritious. He has lapped them up for years but now they’re poison to him.

    I have to say I have never seen anyone so obsessive about what they eat, not bodybuilders, sportspeople or anyone. He was before a very healthy individual. Now he’s gaunt and out of sorts.

    Have any of you seen Dubs go down this route? It’s as though as his faith dilutes with passing flip flops, he’s looking for something else to immerse himself in. Food and how we treat it and relate to it can be so telling of what’s going on in our minds.

    To cap it all I stare at the irony. Live simply, eat basic foodstuffs, accept you may die pre Armageddon™ but you’ll get a nice healthy young body (your own that is!) in Paradise Earth®

    Why should any Dub sweat about what certain foods are doing to them? What is happening to him I wonder?

    Oh and talking about it to him is as hard as talking about The Truth.™

    Any thoughts welcome.


  • Soldier77

    I've noticed this as well through the years. You would think that the Atkins diet was part of WTS doctrine! No not quite, but I've been through a few cities where this diet was HUGE with the witnesses. It almost had a cult following... no surprise there!

  • Clam

    cheers soldier. Have been away from the Borg so long I didn't realise it was par for the course.

  • wobble

    Fad and quack health treatments too, the Dubs are suckers for these,comes from being told that Doctors know nothing I suppose.

    My B.I.L went to one such quack ,who was a Witless as well as a fraud, when he had very high B.P

    The quack remedies did nothing except empty his wallet, and his kidneys packed up , so he had to have a transplant, done by real Doctors of course,,

    Bloody fool.

  • Clam

    Hiya Wobble. I suppose a fear of conventional medicine steers them towards the alternatives.

    My uncle does love his quack medicine and always has but his diet fads have got totally out of control.

    It could be that he's determined to preserve himself for the Great Trib, but I'm sure it's due to some inner angst.

  • blondie

    Can't see this..........................

  • wobble

    Tell Uncle the best way to preserve living things is to pickle them, alcohol works a treat ! I am living proof of this.

  • Clam

    haha Wobble. Yes I'll pass that on.

  • WTWizard

    I can remember some of the jumping on every fad that comes along. I remember one "sister" going on a low fat diet, which did precisely nothing except accelerate the aging process. They also had their share of fad supplements that did absolutely nothing more than what I could get at half the price at a health food store.

    At least the "fads" I pick up on are reasonably healthy--magnesium, for instance, has lots of online pages and book articles detailing its benefits (and that 85% of all Americans are deficient in it). But, I never could see how they would vilify things like fat, sugar, and salt--and go to McDonald's or eat TV dinners. Those things are loaded with aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, and similar ingredients that are really bad for you. Yet I have yet to hear of even one "fad" that limits monosodium glutamate and/or aspartame in one's diet at the Kingdumb Hell.

    And the low-carb crap, I never could get into that. At least the low-fat diet made some sense--if you cut way back on fat, you also cut way back on soy and rape (canola) oils, two of the most damaging and dangerous fats (that they want you to think of as healthy). You also cut way back on processed fats like shortening and margarine. In doing that, you will eliminate at least some of the poisons that many people eat daily. Trouble is, that also eliminates good fats like virgin coconut oil, unprocessed palm oil, olive oil, and real butter. Which also limits absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E--hence the accelerated aging.

  • ambersun

    I may be wrong but could it have something to do with control? I say this because you often hear of people living in highly controlled environments developing eating disorders of one form or another. The GB control practically every aspect of a Dub's life so food is about the only thing they have relative freedom over.

    Most of the congregations I have been associated with over the years have had several members trying out various diets and swearing by certain foods while they shun others. I can remember the Atkins diet being popular and I think I've still got the diet sheets somewhere that a sister gave me.

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