Business Suits

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  • IMHO

    Everyone knows that as a JW a brother (man) has to wear a suit - matching jacket and trousers (on some occasions an un-matching jacket may be permissable), shirt and tie.

    So why do sisters (women) not have to wear business suits (matching jacket and skirt)?

    I thougt of this as I looked at the latest 'gilead graduation' photo. All the women had business suits on. So if this is the standard for 'missionarys' why not for all sisters, as with the brothers?

  • brotherdan

    The Gilead students are allowed this dress only for the photo. If a sister tried to give a talk wearing a pant suit, she would be counseled. Sad...especially for the ladies with the funky legs...

  • pirata

    The Bible Students started in the late 1800s. So did their fashion.

    Not sure what happened to the hats...

  • IMHO

    They're not wearing pant-suits in the photo they are wearing matching jacket and skirt which I'm sure would be looked upon with reverance if a sister gave a talk wearing such.

    But why is it not enforced as with brothers?

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